Press Release: February 25, 2010

Held at Hippo Creek in the South African city, the tournament was the first leg of the World Cup and it saw George pitted against some of shooting's most respected marksmen.

The competition ran from Thursday 18th to Sunday 21st February, and George finished with a total score of 196/200 on the Compak and 194/200 on the FITASC.

He won by six clays on the Compak and nine clays on the FITASC, securing his brace of gold medals.

Speaking on www.georgedigweed.com, George explains that it was a rare foray into the Compak arena for him: "Generally, I tend not to shoot in the Compak discipline, but I did on this occasion because we've been on the game and pheasant shoot throughout winter and not shot any clays.

"I used the Compak event to get the timings right for the Sporting [FITASC] event."

It was an approach that served him well. George coped well with the sweltering South African heat to record a result far beyond his expectations.

"It was a score that was better than perhaps a score on that course should have been," he explains.

"It was a very difficult course. It was very hot to shoot in and there was very little shade. So we stood under umbrellas most of the time. I think most people agree that the winning score should have been between 183 and 186. So to be that far ahead was a very pleasing achievement."

George is next on his travels in April, when he visits Cyprus for the next leg of the shooting World Cup, while up next for South Africa is the FIFA 2010 football World Cup later in the year.

And George says the country is already alive with anticipation: "I was very impressed by South Africa. Everything is geared very much to the World Cup. There's a good buzz around it."

The Cyprus Grand Prix will take place between Friday 23rd and Sunday 25th April.

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