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Press Release: December 09, 2015

Miami, Florida USA December 8, 2015.......... Doodle Bra Express Yourself and Have Fun releases the brand new complete designer Doodle Bra Kit on Amazon.com. The kit includes 1 seamless, tagless, high quality, super comfort with partial lift white bra, 3 custom designer Doodle Bra stencils, 6 nontoxic washable Doodle Bra markers with designer stamps, and a care and instruction sheet all packaged in the designer Doodle Bra Collectors Gift Box set.

The Doodle Bras are designed with comfort, fit, lift, and support in mind to provide the best available and most comfortable bra in the market. The Doodle Bra provides a way to save money from buying multiple bras while being entertaining and creative fun. The washable non-toxic markers provide the pleasure of redesigning the DOODLE BRA products over and over again.

Doodle Bra feels they have created the most comfortable, best fitting bras in the market place. Being able to design and create one's own bra is a unique feature in the lingerie market place.

Traditionally bra designs are picked out well in advance and the consumer can only decide from what's on the shelf in their particular size.

People don't have to be an artist with the Doodle Bra kit since every complete set has 3 different designer stencils to help create personalized bras. The designs on the stencils have everything from flowers, fish, hearts, the word Love, and alluring patterns.

The 6 different color Doodle Bra nontoxic washable markers that come with the kit include a cute stamps on one end of the marker that can add little touches of colors and surprises. The consumer can color match a bra to a particular outfit or just color the straps to go with a specific top. The Doodle Bra washable markers allow people to design and redesign over and over again by washing the bra and starting over again.

The Doodle Bra kit comes in a special designer collector's box that will store keepsakes and personal belongings for a lifetime in a beautifully deigned unique heavy duty box. The special 2 fold lid has a window to view through so people can keep those belongings safe and be able to cherish them without having the contents being touched.

Doodle Bra is a great gift for someone or just for yourself. People can share the experience with friends or find new ways to express yourself and have fun. It seems there are countless ideas people can come up with for their own creative uses for Doodle Bra; from bachelorette parties to the first time bra user to be comfortable with their bodies.

To manage the inventory and fulfillment, Doodle Bra has chosen to use Amazon.com. Amazon has the global presence to meet the worldwide interest in Doodle Bra. "Ultimately with so many product options covered under the intellectual properties and the number of markets available for the Doodle Bra Brand, licensing would seem to be the most reasonable method of meeting those demands" says Randy Segal, Director of Sales & Marketing. Doodle Bra plans on rolling out additional inventory to meet additional markets internationally using Amazons worldwide network while also growing the United States domestic market initially.


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