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Dont Move House, Upgrade your Home for 2010

Press Release: February 26, 2010

For many people in the current economic climate, the last thing on their mind is moving house, with all the upsets and costs involved in that. Many of us are choosing to sit tight, but that doesnt mean we have to be inactive. There are many things we can do to improve the home were living in until things improve in the economy. This upgrading of your home will make it much more attractive to a buyer if you still intend to sell it, but even if you have no intention of moving you can enhance your living space in many and varied ways.

At FADS (http://www.fads.co.uk) weve been helping people make the most of their living spaces since 1945, and our vast range of furniture specially designed by our in-house team can transform anyones home.

The dining room is at the centre of the home. As well as being a family room, its usually the room that guests and potential buyers get to see first, so its important to put some thought into its furnishings. FADS has a comprehensive range of dining tables and dining sets to suit all tastes, from wooden and marble to glass-topped. You can choose one to complement your existing furniture or create a whole new dining room.

The next most public space is the lounge area, and this can be transformed with a classy coffee table. Again, these come in glass, marble and wooden designs, and which you choose will depend on your present dining room furnishings. One of our elegant lamp tables can add a touch of class to any corner, and a well placed console can help fill out a room and make it feel more welcoming.

As we spend up to half of our lives in bed, bedroom furnishings are also very important. Our range of chests of drawers, wardrobes, bedside tables and dressing tables have clean, plain but attractive lines that enhance a sense of peace and calm after a busy day. Our beds, from ultra-modern faux leather to elegant metal and more traditional wooden finishes, cater for all tastes. For your childs room, which may be more space-challenged, or in the loft, there is an attractive range of bunk beds to choose from.

So, why go to the trouble and expense of moving when you can have your dream home right where you are, with a little creative help from FADS?

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