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Dont let an ache or strain prevent you to train

Press Release: January 12, 2010

With fitness being a big part of everyones New Years resolution, the gyms are full and the WiiFits are already reaching burn-out. About a third of New Year resolutions involve getting fit, losing weight and getting in shape and with this in mind, many people will begin a programme of exercise this month.

However, many people fail to continue with their New Year workouts past February; they expect to see quick results and when they dont they tend to give up. Staying healthy, losing weight and getting fit is a marathon not a sprint and takes time. Once you feel your body becoming fitter and looking leaner, this will give you the motivation to continue and so this positive cycle continues.

With all this activity, you may feel pain, discomfort and soreness in your muscles, especially if your body is not used to so much activity so quickly. Dont let these aches stop you from training; use Sports Massage to alleviate tension and the feeling of stiffness.

When a muscle is tired and has been overworked, it becomes tight and adhesions can form (bands of painful, rigid tissue) which block circulation, cause pain and limit movement. The flow of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle is reduced, leading to a build up of toxins in the muscle. Sports Massage unsticks and loosens the adhesion, improves the circulation within the muscle, pushing toxins out and allowing fresh oxygen and nutrients in.

Sports Massage helps you recover quicker from your workout and relieves the tension that may cause injury.
Your dream of a leaner, fitter body can come true. Use Sports Massage as a way to relieve aching muscles and ensure you train hard next time.

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