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Don't Forget Your MOT With In Town

Press Release: March 28, 2017

Northamptonshire, England – 3/24/2017
In Town Automotive offers MOT check in Northamptonshire to ensure how road-safe your car is when it is being driven around.
March and April are considered as the peak months for MOT tests, a study shows a staggering four million drivers admit that they do not possess an MOT certificate. The average time that these motorists have driven their vehicles around without a legitimate MOT is 37 days. One third of the motorists without a MOT deadline obtained a valid certificate within 3 days while 4% of those driving without an MOT continued doing so for more than 10 months. Collectively, UK motorists have spent roughly more than 422,200 years on the road without an MOT.
In Town Automotive informs that drivers can register their car for MOT up to one month before their existing MOT expires while still keeping the same ending date for the following year. This tends to offer motorists more flexibility and facilitates them to plan better so that they do not have to scramble to schedule an appointment that is close to their deadline.
In Town Automotive’s spokesperson said, “The analysis conducted showed that motorists have many different reasons up their sleeves for not getting an MOT check and the most common reason seems to be absolute forgetfulness.” The test is a vital element in keeping the roads safe and aids motorists in spotting issues that may not be very obvious in routine driving but it can have the potential to transform into a significant emergency. So it is advised to “NOT” forget getting an MOT check done.
In Town Automotive is one of the largest car service and MOT garages in Northampton offering an extensive range of services from tyres, brakes, clutches and much more. They are committed to provide the people of Northamptonshire with top notch services coupled with friendly and helpful advice, reliable replacement services so that there is complete assurance when it comes to car safety.
In Town is considered as Northampton’s premier choice for quality vehicle servicing and repairs at affordable prices. For more information visit http://www.intownautomotive.co.uk/
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