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Don't be so negative on social media reviews

Press Release: June 18, 2015

For many businesses, especially restaurants, website reviews on Trip Advisor are seen as a bain of their life, and something they have to live with, and frequently ignore.

http://www.reviewswatch.com/ believes that restaurant owners should take a more positive view of what is in effect "free customer feedback". Also, they should note that trip advisor is not the only website where customers and potential customers can read reviews about the restaurant, in fact there are over a dozen different websites where customers can post their reviews of restaurants they have visited. http://www.reviewswatch.com/ provides a service to monitor all of these websites and send a daily report to the restaurant owner, to help to "keep up to date with what your customers are writing about you, and what your future clients are reading about you."

Too often restaurant owners dismiss online reviews as moaning customers after a free meal. This is far from the truth, say reviewswatch.com. The other comeback from owners is "why didn't you say something while you were here?" Why indeed. Well, we would suggest that the person making such a statement has probably never had the full in your face feedback from a restaurant owner or their staff who 99 times out of a 100 deny there is a problem, and defend their food/service to the hilt, many times belittling the complainer to the "restaurant audience" and making it very uncomfortable to do so, much easier to do it later when you are alone in front of your computer.

We understand also that restaurant owners cannot be expected to be everywhere all the time in their business and they need to understand that the Chef and waiter are probably good friends, heck they spend most of their anti-social working time together, so inevitably customer complaints are withheld from the owners/management to save their friends from trouble.

By just looking at trip advisor reviews and dismissing them is bad for a business. Similarly reading radiant reviews and basking in the afterglow of believing everything is perfect with your business can be just as detrimental.

"You don't just get one quote when you get an extension built for your restaurant, so why would just rely on what people are saying about your business on one website?" say reviewswatch.com. Get a more balanced and overall picture of what your business is doing wrong, and right, by looking at the broad spectrum of the internet and take a balanced view of how your business is perceived.

Don't ignore the poor feedback. See it as the opportunity to improve your business and get it right next time.

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At http://www.reviewswatch.com/ we monitor your reviews online to enable you to concentrate on running your business. We visit the online review sites every day and check for new reviews about your company, then we send you a daily update of any changes.

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