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Press Release: May 14, 2016

As we know that Domain registration is the process of registering your website on internet so you will get a specific IP address which defines your website and when you are going to register your domain choose a specific and unique name for your website which should be easy to remember.The Domain Name System is a central part of the Internet, providing a way to match names to numbers (the address for the website).
A domain name allows users to create a reputation. No matter how your site is hosted, be it from your garage to a server room in Silicon Valley, users can plug that domain name into their browsers and be directed to your content. This is because a domain name is registered with Domain Name Registrars. These sites allow you to purchase a domain and have it point to a server. So in reality you own a site such as abcd.com and have example.com point to the IP address of your server. Therefore, when a user types in example.com, it knows to load information from the server to which you pointed.
Choosing a domain name for your product, service or business can be one of the most challenging steps in establishing your online identity. While it's important to choose your name wisely, it can be difficult to craft a creative name that describes the essence of your business.Your name needs to be snappy, memorable and successfully communicate something about your business, and because so many top-level domains (TLDs) are already taken, it's no easy feat.
Anything connected to the Internet - laptops, tablets, mobile phones - has an Internet Protocol (IP) address made up of numbers. Your favorite website might have an IP address like 64.110.231, but this is obviously not easy to remember. However a domain name such as allactionhost.com is something people can recognize and remember. DNS syncs up domain names with IP addresses enabling humans to use memorable domain names while computers on the Internet can use IP addresses.
When you type allactionhost.com in to your browser,your browser sends a query over the internet to find the website for allactionhost.cm .A query is question seeking to match the domain name with its corresponding IP a dress. The first server your query interacts with is the recursive resolver which can be operated by the Internet Service Provider (I.S.P), your wireless carrier or a third party provider .The recursive Resolver knows which other DNS servers it needs to ask a root server for DNS information about .com.
Purchasing a Domain name is not just for businesses or corporations. Many individuals purchase them to create online presences or portfolios to advertise to employers. In addition, a website can be a complete joke that you and your friends have. It can also be a jump start for a new idea or tool you want to create for people to see and possible use. It can be a new source of income with ads on your site as you add content to your blog or whatever you make of it. The most important part of domain names though, is to never wait because you never know when someone will grab the perfect name before you.
When you choose domain name you have to keep few things in your mind that There has been quite a bit of discussion as to how hyphens in a domain name are perceived by the search engines. While there are convincing arguments both for and against hyphens, it is generally recommended to avoid them when looking for a Domain with the most potential. Using hyphens in a domain name severely limits the success of word of mouth advertising, and in general, makes a domain seem less credible.

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