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Documentary Filmmaking Game Offers Unique but Safe Shut Down Creative Challenge

Press Release: August 02, 2020

Game host and documentary filmmaker Tara Golden marries her two skill sets together to produce an entirely
new creative challenge and interactive game called Search For The Story- The World's First Doc Filmmaking Scavenger Hunt.
The mission is to gather the materials, with her collaboration, to make a short video on the subject of their choice, letting guests dip their baby toes in the waters of filmmaking and explore in depth a subject of their choice.

"Its like the first day of film school" Golden says laughing "but without the financial commitment."
( In fact,her game is surprisingly affordable for its several hour length at $50)
"I work with my guests in a pregame powwow to find a subject that interests them and that can be a viable topic for a short video. Some topics will be much more challenging. Aspects of history, art, food, nature and animals are all great choices and if you choose a nature subject you can do the entire experience without interacting with anyone in person at all."

Her live scavenger hunts are in destination locations are Arizona, New Mexico and Hawaii but as tourism stopped she put her energies into creating a new game that can be done around the world.

One of her first guests for the game, Max Friedstein, was in her home town of Sedona Arizona and choose to do the game in a challenging way.

A life coach and world traveler, Max wanted to work on listening skills, so after the brainstorming production meeting, he decided to paint a sign that said I AM HERE TO LISTEN. He printed release forms and went to sit on Bell Rock, camera ready, with his shot list to see what would happen.

"This scavenger hunt was truly a life changing experience. I am so grateful to Tara for her authenticity, passion, fearlessness, and contagious curiosity. Let me tell you... this was one of the coolest projects I've ever had the pleasure of doing. Tara is extremely intuitive and was able to guide me during the creative process in such a way that allowed me to access parts of my creativity that felt blocked before. Tara takes the time to listen to your heart. I am so grateful."

Golden gets her inspiration from Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, Sleep No More in New York and other cutting edge games and performances.

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