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Doctors Enlist Themselves For More Clientele

Press Release: June 11, 2020

AstoCare deeply cares for all its Doctors. They are most essential to us and meeting their needs is our prime objective. That is why, other than helping our doctors in getting more clienteles, AstoCare also brings them a bundle of benefits, mentioned as follows:

  1. Appointments on the go: Easy Accept/Reject feature using which one can accept appointments as per one’s own convenience. No need to keep the queues coming in, even past your closing time. Just schedule your daily dose of Clients and go back home to your family, on time.
  2. Convenience 100%: Doctors can reschedule appointments as and when they find convenient or imperative. If you yourself are in a crisis, how will you be able to help out a client with his/her crises? Instead of pushing against your human limits, just take some time off using this feature.
  3. Client Record Manager: An effective Client Record Management System that helps you to organize your Clients’ Medical Records, on the portal itself. No need to remember every Patient by face. Throw in their medical updates here and forget about it.
  4. E-Prescriptions: Performa input utility will enable the generation of e-prescriptions with print and PDF E-mail facilities. Cut down on your stationery expenditures and rid that stack of empty pens on your desk. Get everything done on-the-go.
  5. Quick Share: Share options using which you can refer a Client’s prescriptions to an AstoCare Chemist/Lab. No need to heed to the nearby chemists’/labs’ stack of pills/available tests. Prescribe whatever you feel is right and send the prescription to the available AstoCare chemist/lab via the portal itself.
  6. Record searcher: A Quick Look-up feature using which the Doctor can access his/her Client’s past medical records on the portal itself. No need to scatter all kinds of papers, looking for one nasty document. Just ask for it from us and there you go.
  7. Walk-In Registrations: Help unregistered patients access AstoCare as and when they walk into your clinic, using the Walk-In Sign-up feature. This feature enables them to have rudimentary access to the services rendered by AstoCare to all its registered Clients. You can have it done via your account, with us, and then they can complete their registration on their rudimentary account themselves, later.
  8. Banned Meds? Check for banned medicines and drugs through the portal, whenever in doubt. Do not go out on a limb guessing if it is right or not. No need to rely on the local chemist’s opinion either. Just check for them on our portal itself and have all your doubts cleared.
  9. Promotional Drives: Regular marketing sessions for the promotion of Doctor Appointments with you, via AstoCare, will be done. Spreading the word about your remarkable services via our portal, online and offline is our prime duty as your partner in healthcare. Getting you in touch with Clients better is always our agenda.
  10. Regular Updates: Newsletter and medical blogs will keep you updated with the medical world. Even if your knowledge about the trends of today’s healthcare industry is getting rusty, we have your back there as well. Just check out our comprehensive blog and get updated with everything that you need to know, in just one read at a time! If that too is becoming a task for you, we will mail you your dose of the much-needed updates. You can also subscribe to our newsletter and see for yourself how you and we are trying to shape a better future for this very medical industry.

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