Press Release: January 27, 2010

The UKs only recruitment agency review website, www.HireScores.com, has polled 1,256 people to find out whether a job could have an impact on whether someone is dateable. The poll which consisted of 693 women and 563 men, found that 76% of those asked would date someone dependant on their job.

Of the women who said they would date someone depending on their job, 1 in 2 said that they would prefer to date a man with a better job than themselves, whilst 3 in 4 of the men said that they would rather have the better job.

Women thought that doctors had the most attractive jobs with 67% saying that it would immediately make a man more dateable regardless of their looks. Men also stuck to the caring profession by choosing nurses as the sexiest job, with 1 in 3 admitting it was because they liked to be looked after.

HireScores.com spotted that women found politicians sexy, with 36% of them saying that they thought the job was sexy, 81% of women said that positions of power and authority were sexier.

Top five sexiest jobs for men:

1. Nurse 68%

2. Dancer/Dance Instructor 63%

3. Air Hostess 52%

4. Secretary 39%

5. Teacher 37%

Top five sexiest jobs for women

1. Doctor 67%

2. Pilot 58%

3. Fireman 53%

4. Politician 47%

5. Lawyer 41%

According to 79% of men, they said that they would never date someone who worked as a glamour model for a living. Women considered bin men to have the most unattractive job with 71% saying that they would find it a turn off if they found out a potential date did that for a living.

Being a lawyer was also considered a less than sexy job for a woman to have with 39% of men saying that they couldnt date a lawyer with over half saying that they would find it intimidating, despite women considering this a sexy job for men.

Least dateable professions, by the percentage of men who said they wouldnt like to date a female who worked in that job:

1. Glamour Model 79%

2. Pole Dancer 76%

3. Police Officer 69%

4. Promo Girl 42%

5. Lawyer 39%

Least dateable professions, by the percentage of women who said they wouldnt like to date a man who worked in that job:

1. Bin Man 71%

2. Tech Assistant 62%

3. Fisherman 59%

4. Farmer 42%

5. Butcher 39%

Speaking of these results, Lisette Howlett, MD of HireScores.com said;

"With Valentine's Day coming up, we thought we'd have a bit of fun to see which professions members of the public were most attracted to.

"It may surprise some to see stereotypically attractive professionals such as glamour models and pole dancers topping the list of the least dateable female workers - but I doubt we could find one person surprised by the fact that bin men, fishermen and butchers are included in the list of the least dateable male workers!"


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