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Do You Want To Pay For The Sins Of Drunken Drivers?

Press Release: January 05, 2010

Even as the government looks set to reconsider the countrys drink-drive limit and launches a £1.2 million anti-drink-drive campaign for the Christmas period, there are still going to be those who take their chances and drive whilst under the influence of alcohol.

Although the number of deaths and serious and slight injuries caused by drunken drivers fell to the lowest figure ever during 2008, this still represented 13,020 cases which resulted in trauma, pain and suffering for the victims. For many, of course, the effects of these tragic accidents continue on into their lives and leave the victims trying to cope with ongoing disabilities which compromise their livelihoods as well as many other aspects of their lives. Seeking compensation for accidents involving drunken driving can often end up being a long, drawn-out battle which involves the victim paying out huge sums of money that they can ill-afford for legal representation. 100% Compensation (www.100percent-compensation.co.uk), however, provides a compensation claims service which is not only genuinely free of charge, but also includes the provision of a courtesy car at no expense to the claimant.

In todays economic climate more than ever, those who suffer as a result of the irresponsible actions of drunken drivers are not in a position to put their hands in their pockets and fork out the hefty fees which are often associated with claims for compensation for accidents and indeed why should they? What victims want, and what they deserve, is to have their claim dealt with quickly, effectively and at no cost to themselves, and to receive the highest standards of medical treatment to ensure the best quality of life in the aftermath. Whether the injuries sustained have been physical or psychological, 100% Compensation has helped many victims of drunken drivers to secure maximum compensation, thus allowing them to continue with their lives in relative comfort and with a degree of financial security.

Of course, at this time of year, the dangers imposed by drunken drivers are not the only ones that we all face. Poor weather conditions and dark winter evenings add to the hazards of driving on Britains busy roads and the potential for drivers and passengers to sustain whiplash and other types of motor accident injuries rises considerably and leads to increased numbers of claims for compensation for accidents. In many cases, victims have turned to companies which have claimed to offer 100% compensation, only to find that these claims were bogus. As the many clients of the company 100% Compensation have found, however, when they say there are no catches or hidden fees or costs, that is precisely what they mean. As part of a service which deals in plain English and avoids technical jargon, the firm offers a totally free service which does not even involve incurring the cost of a phone call and puts motor accident victims back on the road in a free courtesy car. After all, why should the victim have to pay?

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