Home Do you know that of more than 630,000 people reported missing in 2014 and over 84,000 HAVE NEVER BEEN FOUND Yet?

Do you know that of more than 630,000 people reported missing in 2014 and over 84,000 HAVE NEVER BEEN FOUND Yet?

Press Release: December 26, 2015

That’s an incredible number and therefore we've created SAFEPAL, the most, unique foolproof emergency rescue system ever designed. Unlike other conventional personal locator like beacons or GPS-equipped mobile devices, SAFEPAL is unique as it uses all-new technologies, software and a dedicated worldwide call center that's ready to initiate rescue operations anywhere in the world by just pushing in one button. It's definitely innovative, it's affordable and it works all time where the other devices fail! Find out why it's going to save people lives and how you can help make it happen for you and your loved ones too!

What could be more terrifying than a child gone missing forevr?

In 2014, over 12,500 children went missing in the US only and more than 5,600 in Europe. An estimated 2 in 10 of those children were victims of sex trafficking. Whatever the reason, these crimes statistics are simply unacceptable anymore.

That's the main reason we've developed SAFEPAL. It's a unique rescue system that works anywhere, to send location information and initiate rescue operations using just one button. Utilizing all new hi-tech and a state-of-the-art, 24-hour a day call center, our device overcomes the limitations of other personal locating devices, to ensure that your child is found and back to home and rescued without voice communication necessary! [in case your child goes missing, you can even activate the device remotely.]

All Parents will want SAFEPAL and its dedicated service for their children. You can help make this happen! Read on; find out how you can do this!

Do you love enjoying the outdoors, Hunting, Fishing and other extreme sports?

If you're this kind of person that loves the wilderness, you're always at risk of becoming a missing one. How would your loved ones feel if you were one of more than 650,000 people that go missing each year, while you're out enjoying your passion?

We have the solution, and it's really simple, reliable and affordable! It's also unlike any other rescue devices in the industry. SAFEPAL system works when others fail, requires no voice communication from your side, and sends your location and initiates informed rescue operations directly at once, with just a push of one secured button.

There's much more to describe SAFEPAL than we can explain here. You owe it to your life and your loved ones to look at how our system will save lives and how you can make it happen for outdoor accidents all over the word. Come and see why it will work for you.

website: www.safepal.info

product video: https://vimeo.com/149041858

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