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Do this before you trade your phone

Press Release: July 26, 2019

Enticed to move on and upgrade to a new iPhone or Galaxy? You are not alone. As major giants like Apple and Samsung is lighting up the market with powerful new devices debut, people are ready for the switch.

Many smartphone retailers and careers provide terrific offers on leasing plans, upgrades, trade-in incentives to make it more alluring and tempting. The customers perpetually think about trade in their devices for the brand new technology.

And yes, you don’t need your current device if you have planned to upgrade to a fresh, latest model, so why not take the benefit of trade-in deals. But before you step in, you need to do a few things that are crucial and critical.

“When it comes to trading in an old phone for a newer one, you need to be concerned about data security.”

When you take into consideration that top-notch models from Apple, Samsung can cost you US$1,000 or more, you could see how well the trade-in concept of your current device can make sense. It not only reduces the cash amount you need to pay for a brand new phone but also fulfills your desires to purchase the new model that you crave for. But before you proceed, there are a few things that you need to do before you split up with your old device.

You cannot just take out your memory card or SIM and handover as a part of your sell my mobile transaction. No, there are essential steps that you have to take to be safe and not get burned.

Firstly, backup your data. Your data is valuable, and it is very important to have a complete backup of it. This will keep your information safe, and it will be easier for you to transfer all the data at the time when you buy your new phone. For iPhone users - go to Settings, next tap on iCloud and then click on Storage & Backup. In case your iCloud backup feature is turned off, you have to enable it, and then you have to click Back Up Now to secure all your data in the cloud. For Android users - You can copy all the data from your device to your laptop, hard drive, etc. by using the USB cord.

Secondly, data encryption. One easy process that you should never miss. Encryption scrambles every information stored on your device, making it unreadable without your personal device’s unique encryption key. For iPhone users, you do not have to take the load to initiate the step as data is encrypted on Apple devices by default. Android users need to do it manually. You have to go to Settings, then tap More, then Security, followed by Encrypt device. Although this process may take some time, once it is completed, your data is secure and safe. No outsider can access it.

Third, perform a factory reset. Just to be extra safe, performing the factory reset is the right thing you should do. This process will wipe out every bit of information on your device and will set the settings to default. For people who are using iPhone, you need to go to settings, then general and tap reset. Lastly hit erase all content to wash out your gadget.

Those who are using an android phone, you need to simply go to menu, settings, select privacy, and then tap factory data reset. After that, you need to hit the reset phone tab to conclude the process. This will delete all your information from the device.

There’s no doubt in it that today’s market is more complicated than ever. Trading-in your device will be going to be a challenging thing anyway, and you have to be 100% safe and secure while participating in such situations. Once you are done with the above steps, you will be able to trade in your old devices, being fully confident as all your private information and personal data won’t be a part of the deal.

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