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Do the Right Thing by Recycling Batteries with Husky Batteries

Press Release: January 29, 2010

Sometimes it is difficult to know what to do with old batteries. Throwing them out shouldn’t be an option because there are so many harmful chemicals in them that will spread into the environment and cause damage to the earth and the wildlife. However, it is not always easy to be able to store them until the special garbage days comes when they pick up recyclables, and sometimes this isn’t an option at all. It is confusing to know just what to do with battery disposal! 

Now Husky Batteries can help with this. They are in the business of paying for recycling batteries that individuals or businesses have hanging around. They have a fleet which takes care of the whole United Kingdom to promote battery recycling on a higher level. Instead of a person having to use their own transportation for recycling batteries, the team members from Husky Batteries will pick them up. It saves everyone wanting this service time and money and it is a great help to the environment as well. 

For obtaining these batteries, the trucks that are used are made specifically for the handling of dangerous substances such as the lead and mercury that can be found inside. The professionals who will be driving the truck are very well trained for these tasks and know the routines perfectly for such things. This is incredibly important because disasters have been known to happen with substances like these. 

They offer various businesses, recycling centres amongst other places recycling containers and lids for free to allow for the safekeeping of these old batteries to prevent from the discharge of chemicals. Once the batteries are collected, the containers will also be cleaned out without any charge.

Being complete professionals, the people at Husky Batteries also have a package for each client when asking for their services which include the details of the company, copies of their licences, and other details that should be known before signing on with them. They are open to answer any questions about their team members’ qualifications, the equipment they use, their policies, their rates, and any other question that may pertain to their service.

For anyone who is interested in recycling batteries in the area of the United Kingdom, then it is recommended that they contact Husky Batteries for more details.

About Us

Husky Batteries offer nationwide pickup in the United Kingdom for batteries that need to be recycled. They offer the highest rates among these companies and are experts in the field for recycling batteries. They supply containers for these batteries to companies free of charge as well as to supermarkets and various recycling facilities. They are fully licensed by the Environmental Agency and they always enforce the strictest health and safety codes and procedures. 

To recycle your batteries, please check their website or give Husky Batteries a call. They will be more than happy to pick up your old batteries and give you the best price for them.

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Telephone: 01706 769 100

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