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Do Not Panic With the Causes of Kidney Cancer

Press Release: May 16, 2019

Needless to say, kidney cancer originates in any one of or both the kidneys. Kidneys are situated at back of the abdomen beside the spinal cord. ‘Wilms tumor’ in children and ‘renal cell carcinoma’ are the most common types of kidney cancer. The scary part is that the signs and symptoms of kidney cancer does not really show up until in the advanced stages.The oncological research is yet to find a screening test specifically to locate kidney cancer. Thus, most kidney cancers are detected by the Computerized tomography or CT scans.

How does the kidney work?
•The kidneys are a pair of bean shaped organs about the size of an adult fist. The primary function of kidney is to filter the blood of wastes which comes out from the body in the form of urine.
•Kidneys are vested with the secondary function of maintaining blood pressure by producing a hormone called ennin.
•Kidneys also produce erythropoietin, a hormone to regulate the production of red blood cells in our body.
Now Let’s Dig Deeper and Take Look At The Symptoms of Kidney Cancer
There are no visible signs of kidney cancer in most cases. However, there are some persistent symptoms. If you or anybody you know, show these symptoms then please contact your doctor immediately. If the diagnosis is done early, then a lot of complications can be averted.

The signs and symptoms are:
•Pee infused with blood that makes the colour of urine from anything to pink and darkish brown.
•Sudden Weightloss.
•Fatigue for a prolonged period even after taking proper rest.
•Eating Disorder and appetite loss.
•A nagging pain at the lower back of the abdomen. Sometimes at the back.
•Intermittent fever or a fever that recurs over short spans.
Causes of Kidney Cancer
The exact causes of kidney cancer are hard to locate. Although in the initial stages, a mutation in the DNA causes the cells to divide rapidly causing a tumor. Some of the more specific reasons are listed below:
•Genetic mutations that are inherited: Often kidney cancer patients have this kind of cancers running in the family tree. Genetic tests can bring out the exact information.
•Genetic mutations that are acquired: Often through the lifetime a person can acquire a certain genetic mutation that leads to kidney cancers. Smoking, using unchecked tobacco and other carcinogenic substances Causes of Cancer in the kidneys. Since the kidneys are supposed to filter these toxic substances, cancer starts on the kidney itself.
•Overweight and obesity: Obesity is a silent killer in many instances. Often obesity leads to a hormonal imbalance that leads to the overgrowth of cancerous cells.
•High blood pressure: Blood pressure is maintained by the hormones secreted in the kidneys. Thus, patients suffering from blood pressure may run the risk of developing cancer in the kidneys.

Prevention of Kidney Cancer
Any type of cancer that is caused by acquired DNA mutation can be prevented by some measures. There is no sure shot way but research points out that one can always be careful. The measures are listed below:
•Do not smoke: Smoking releases a lot of toxic substance into the lungs which in turn has to be filtered by the kidneys. Quitting smoking can prevent not only lungs cancer bit also kidney cancer.
•Manage your weight: Obesity is a major risk factor for causing kidney cancer. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and reduce any potential risk. Always try to put in healthy substances in your body by making healthy food choices.
• Keep high blood pressure under check: A high blood pressure will thrust extra pressure on your kidneys and prolonged high pressure can cause genetic mutations which in turn can cause cancer in the kidney.
Everything Health says kidney cancer can be cured completely if diagnosed in the initial stages. Never neglect any prolonged signs that your body might be showing. That does not mean you have to always worry if you have signs or not. Be in tune with your body such that you can realize when to see a doctor. P.S. Always remember, there is no alternative to a healthy lifestyle with proper food and exercise.

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