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DNA Forensics Laboratory, a gaint leap towards development in dna testing

Press Release: October 30, 2015

With new advancement in the field of medicals, India is at not very far from other advanced countries. With the opening of DNA forensics laboratory, it has taken a giant leap towards development. This news has come as a great relief to all who were eagerly waiting for such facilities easily available in India. There are various tests available at DNA forensics laboratory. Some of the tests are done just for peace of mind like paternity test, maternity test, non-invasive prenatal maternity test and non-invasive prenatal paternity test. Other tests like sibling DNA test and DNA profiling can also be done. At times these tests are ordered by court for property disputes or immigration.
Previously a person could know nothing about his where abouts but now with advanced technology in DNA testing the whole story about his evolution, migration, interbreeding, etc. can be narrated.

You would be surprised to know that DNA forensic laboratory and their associated laboratories can check drug use with the help of hair. You can find out long-term drug history through segmental analysis of hair. Other tests like urinalysis, saliva test, tobacco usage tests can also be conducted. The labs of DNA forensics laboratory are equipped with the latest and advanced DNA testing systems. They have a team of qualified PhD personnel to help conduct a broad range of tests.

DNA tests would be very useful in case of unidentified bodies or other crime investigations. They are even looking forward for collaboration with the state and central government laboratories in this respect. They can assist in the establishment of a DNA database project. As the crime rate is increasing, this comes as a blessing for the police and the public. After asking one of the officers in the crime branch he said, “we had to wait for results as there was a backlog with the existing laboratories due to which justice was delayed.” This will help in many cases like sexual assault, missing person and disaster victim’s identification.

DNA Forensics parent companies have been in this field for over 15 years and have the latest technology to meet the growing demand of Indian market. They can conduct thousands of tests in a short period of time. The customers can be at ease since the results are 100% accurate and confidential.

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