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DK Business Patron launched its New Global Knowledge Process Outsourcing Division

Press Release: June 29, 2020

Being in the business for more than 8 years has given DK Business Patron an upper hand in the field of Global connectivity and recognition. After providing various KPO services impeccably all over the globe, DK Business Patron has now launched its New Global Knowledge Process Outsourcing Division. 

Apart from having an experienced team working in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector, DK Business Patron brought its notice towards the importance of having a separate Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) sector too. Headquarters of the company are situated in Delhi and have been providing KPO services to Indian companies for a long time. The initiative to take the whole Outsourcing KPO business global is being seen as a thrilling move in the Telemarketing segment. 

Nothing can beat the strategic approach and inventive moves of DK Business Patron when it comes to capturing the market. Be it proving call center services or to outsource KPO services, DK Business Patron has been a marketing magnet in attracting clients and generating leads. 

After playing a major role in this field for so many years, the company has earned a huge client base all over the globe, which indeed made the launch of this New KPO Division even more significant. 

BPO and KPO hold no difference in the eyes of a layman. However, DK Business Patron well understood the sheer importance of having a separate Knowledge Process Outsourcing Division as a KPO not only help you increase the accuracy and confidentiality of the overall functioning but also lends a helping hand in reducing a major portion of the costing process involved in in-house strategic management. 

India has been seen as a hub of outsourcing services by the offshore industries. It benefits them financially and well as reduces their workload by a major chunk. When it comes to outsourcing KPO services, DK Business Patron is the first name that hits the mind of any foreign company.

 With trusted long-lasting working and smooth business relations, DK Business Patron has established itself as a telemarketing giant in the eyes of the world. Its distinct moves and creative approaches have been applauded by the world for a long time. 

DK Business Patron is among the major players in the industry of Business Process Outsourcing. However, not many other Indian telemarketers are involved in Knowledge Process Outsourcing too. BPO is inclined more towards the physicality and tangibility of the business whereas KPO inclines towards the intangible important details of the business such as strategic management, policy generation, etc. 


The most praiseworthy quality of DK Business Patron has been that it includes only the best of the best in its team of professionals which makes it a reliable and competent firm in the market. 

DK Business Patron has been a pioneer in the outsourcing business. With years of experience in dealing with offshore clients, the personnel here are well versed with the needs and requirements of their clients and strive too hard to achieve each and every goal that their client has in mind. 

Outsourcing generally seems a feasible option in order to be able to focus upon the core business of the company and it also saves a lot of financial and human resources. DK Business Patron has stood up to each of these expectations by providing quality services at cost-effective rates.

In the era of budding competition, it seems very hard to find a partner that understands the needs of the business and helps to generate efficient and effective strategies for the same. This is where DK Business Patron plays an important role by acting as the anchor to the ship of a business that needs outsourcing services.

The launch of this New Global KPO Division is undoubtedly a great revolution for DK Business Patron. It is not only going to open new dimensions of global reach and connectivity but will also help the firm explore vulnerable domains and areas.

Keeping the motto of everlasting growth and prosperity in mind, DK Business Patron has been providing utterly satisfying services to its clients all over the globe. With masterminding techniques and contriving approaches it strives to be the best and provide recognizable services in the long run. 

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