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DJ Edy Marron wants to conquer the Netherlands after 1 million streams

Press Release: March 08, 2020

THE HAGUE – The Dutch DJ and producer Edy Marron made a record number of 48 tracks in 2019 and was listened to 1 million times on Spotify and frequently downloaded on other platforms such as iTunes and Beatport. Especially abroad. In 2020 he also wants to break through with the Dutch audience with his new hit “Till The End”.

His latest hit “Nova River”, a Future Bass song, has already been streamed 250,000. Just like other numbers are mainly in countries such as the US, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Russia and Southern Europe. He has built up a solid fan base in those countries and the reactions from the house scene there are overwhelming.

In the Netherlands, the number of streams is still limited, although the clip of his recent hit “Till The End” has already been viewed 4100 times on Twitter and streamed 120,000 times. Marron wants to make more tracks this year than last year and break through in the Netherlands.

The producer travels regularly to the US and collaborates with various famous names such as former Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson, for whom he is making a remix of his 1995 song ‘You can run’. With that collaboration he came last year on TV at Shownieuws. “Everyone, including DJs and artists I speak in America, thinks it is strange that so few people in the Netherlands know me,” he says.

Marron bought his first records at the age of thirteen and produced his first track in 2007, but was subsequently hit by a bone tumor. Since 2015, he has been spreading his own music worldwide via streaming services and social media. He has now had four tumors. That is why he was sometimes out of the air for a while. After the treatments, he has been making new tracks at an unprecedented pace for several years. ,, When I recovered from anesthesia after a major operation, I thought: now I want the whole of the Netherlands to hear me. I’m just a maker. That is my passion, “he says

Marron was already a guest on radio stations such as NPO 3FM, Radio538 and British radio stations. He is also entering into a collaboration with a well-known Dutch rapper this year. In total he launched 34 albums through his own label Marron Music.

His style varies from heavy, dark house to techno and light, cheerful house. ,, My own style is that I master a lot of styles. You often hear the same music with the same kicks and beats at parties or festivals. Then you hear it immediately when I am rotated because I provide variety, “he says. Marron tracks are often played at parties, but he does not yet act as a DJ at major festivals or events. In the long term he wants to do that too.

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