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DIY Blinds Custom Window Coverings, Shades and More

Press Release: October 11, 2019

Need custom blinds in a hurry? Blinds Direct offers DIY custom made-to-measure blinds - saving you time, money and frustration. Blinds Direct is South Africa’s first online purchasing portal, selling custom, made-to-measure DIY blinds that will perfectly fit your unique window spaces. Simply enter your required measurements into their online blind builder, receive a quote immediately and have your custom made-to-measure blinds delivered to your doorstep nationwide.

There is no reason to wait for someone to come and measure or takes days off to meet installers,” says Blinds Direct. “We offer instant pricing online, which is especially handy if you need to review different types of blinds and costs while buying a new home or renovating.

Made-to-Measure DIY Blinds - How it works
Most online blinds stores will offer a variety of blinds that have been pre-made to fit universally sized windows. This can be frustrating when you have awkward sized and shaped windows that require special attention. However, Blinds Direct can put together custom made-to-measure blinds that will perfectly fit your unique window spaces. Simply enter your required measurements into the blind builder on their website, receive a price immediately and have your custom made-to-measure blinds delivered to you as soon as possible. Along with the made-to-order service, Blinds Direct also provides pre-made blinds should you require a combination of the two.

How online blinds can save you money
Of course the time and effort meeting strangers in your home is taxing enough, you still need to wait hours or days to receive a quote. Shopping for blinds online is not only quick and safe but you can install yourself at no extra cost too you. But did you know that installing most blinds by yourself can be done very easily? They are simply screwed into the top of the window sill with very little effort. All blinds include screws, plugs and installation instructions.

Browsing blind types online
It can be daunting shopping online without a person physically assisting you and answering queries. How would you know what blinds to buy and why? Blinds Direct describes each blind to you along recommendations.

Wooden Blinds: These are beautiful blinds that are matched by no other in terms of aesthetics and feel. They add a warm and luxurious atmosphere that is perfect for any home.

Aluminium Blinds: These are generally far more affordable. They come in a range of colours and provide a clean, polished and modern look. These are perfect for home or the office!

Shutters: Shutters allow for ultimate privacy and control of light. Did you know that shutters can even act as burglar bars?!

Roller Blinds: Want something a bit more chic? Roller blinds are made from various materials allowing different filter grades for light in required rooms. Check out options for prints on these too!

Roman Blinds: With their clean, sophisticated lines, Roman blinds, or Roman shades as they are sometimes known, are one of the most stylish ways to dress up a window. Made from light to medium weight fabrics, they can be used as a standalone window treatment fitted outside the window or fitted inside the window recess and combined with curtains and top treatments for a layered look.

Installing Your DIY Blinds
Most times, installing your blinds is as easy as drilling the blinds bracket to the wall. For recess blinds, you need to be sure that the bracket is secured far enough away from the window so that the blinds don’t touch the window. The outer edge of the window frame is the best placement for this. 

Your facefix blinds bracket will need to be attached to the outside of your window frame. This is easier seeing as though you will have more space to work with. All blinds supplied will include mounting brackets, screw, plugs, safety cleat and installation instructions to make it that much easier. Finding blinds online is easy with Blinds Direct - Simply sit, click and enjoy! The hardest process where DIY blinds are concerned is choosing from the vast variety!

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