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Divorce enquiries at 10 year high for City Law Firm

Press Release: February 05, 2010

Divorce Lawyers are reporting record highs for divorce enquiries, with numbers reaching a peak in the four weeks post Christmas. MacIntyre Clark LLP, a City Law Firm recorded a third more enquiries into divorce proceedings than for the same period in 2009.

A spokesperson for the firm stated:
It is common knowledge in legal circles that divorce enquiries tend to be seasonal, especially post the Christmas holidays. Families are forced to spend time together and the cracks can begin to show. In our experience a holiday period proves to be the final straw for struggling couples.

A number of law firms are reporting higher levels of divorce enquiry this January. This trend is more a reflection of modern British society than merely the holiday blues. The Telegraph reported latest figures from the Nation Office of Statistics as showing a significant increase in the national divorce rate, year on year, from 2002 to 2004.
High profile celebrity and high society divorce cases are reported widely in the media, with the likes of Heather Mills McCartney, Melissa Miller and Julia McFarlane receiving millions of pounds in payouts and the rights to future earnings of former spouses for their maintenance.

The City Firm Solicitor at MacIntyre Clark LLP noted:
The significantly higher number of enquiries this year at our firm is probably owing to the large intake of sales staff and developments in the marketing department at MacIntyre Clark LLP. However there are undoubtedly a number of socio economic changes that have contributed to the general increase in divorce in the UK.
Indeed, the noughties are the decade that divorce got political. At the other end of the social spectrum to those getting the millions in settlements, are the struggling single mums. The Labour Government Working Tax Credit was a benefit intended to help single mums back into work. There have been recent accusations from Conservative ministers and the Conservative paper, the Telegraph, that this particular benefit was responsible for encouraging a massive increase in the divorce rate amongst those receiving the benefit. The reason? It gave tax breaks to single mums whereas mums in couples were penalised with higher tax.

Furthermore an independent report in the Journal of Economics cited that particular benefit as having the direct impact of a raise in the divorce rate by 160%. Political issues aside, it is noticeable that the face of modern Britain has dramatically changed in the last 10 years. The Church of England has less influence and closes a church every month across the UK. Families no longer follow the two parent 2.4 children model of the 90s. People are living longer and women are choosing to have careers as well as children.

The services of firms such as MacIntyre Clark LLP, a City firm with a massive Internet presence, are able to supply affordable divorce rates and guarantee access to your children. It has never been as socially acceptable or simple to get a divorce. Everybody enjoys the freedom to choose, it is an inherently British characteristic.
If you would like to speak to someone about Divorce Rights, Divorce costs, Child Custody, Child Access or if anything in this article affects you, please contact the specialist Family Division of MaIntyre Clark LLP, The Family Solicitors.

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