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Discovery: Pictures that make you feel. An euphoria called Emotive Square

Press Release: August 27, 2018

JDiscovery: Pictures that make you feel. An euphoria called Emotive Square.

An artist, Elizabeth Catthien, had created an Instagram page because she had discovered a phenomenon that is unique to the human experience. The phenomenon said is that we as human beings Feel. We feel what is intrinsically is the truth. What we feel is what is instinctively is the truth. For example, we feel happy when something great happens. The intrinsic truth is that "something great happened". We feel love when the intrinsic truth is we are loved, or we are in the presence of something loveable. We feel fear when the intrinsic truth is that we are in danger. When we feel something is wrong, or that something is right, we are usually right.

So when Elizabeth sat and doodled a picture of a girl, she doodled with her feelings. She went away for a while and come back. When she glanced at the picture that she doodled, she was hit with a feeling of sadness. Looking at the picture, she wondered what had caused the feeling. She discovered that the combination of lines that she doodled was about sadness, they were so strong in their combination that they became the intrinsic truth. The intrinsic truth was this girl in the picture was sad. So when looking at the picture, Elizabeth felt sadness, which is the intrinsic truth. Elizabeth Catthien discovered that what is drawn can make you feel.

She set off to discover that drawings can make you feel sad, happiness, strong, powerful, vulnerable, love or even sexy. Which was exactly what she did when she began to draw a series of pictures to depict these feelings. She decided to call these pictures Emotive Square. She opened the Instagram account: www.instagram.com/Emotivesquare and the website www.emotivesquare.com . This website and Instagram page is intended to be an outlet of her pictures.

Elizabeth Catthien had discovered that feelings had meanings that could be decoded as we feel them. Feelings like happiness, sadness, anger, love definitely had meanings. They can be understood as reacting to the truth. But what about a combination of those feelings in one picture? Elizabeth had managed to create pictures that signifies and make people feel euphoria, power and love.

If you visit the Instagram page, you will find pictures that makes you feel. Do not let the simplicity of the pictures fool you. Their simplicity manages to make you feel. View those picture and feel. You will feel something. Then try to decode what those feelings means. All lines in the picture will make up a unified whole meaning for the picture. This is the reason why Elizabeth do not want to clutter the picture with more complicated lines as so to keep the picture’s meanings and feelings pure.

This whole project is a discovery that will open new doors and discoveries for the understanding of human beings and how we function. We will discover things like what makes us happy, what makes us sad, and what makes us love. We will understand more good things about and how to make our human experience complete.

Elizabeth Catthien is a recording artist. She recently released a debut album called "Beginning love". More information about her can be found on her website www.elizabethcatthien.com . She is a Law and Communication student and lives in Australia.

Press contact: manager@elizabethcatthien.com or http://www.elizabethcatthien.com/

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