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Discover Your Weight Loss Hallelujah!

Press Release: June 15, 2017

If you're searching for some help with your weight loss program and want to do this naturally, then here may be the answer. A new to the market company from the United Kingdom, Salve Supplements.

With a comprehensive range of all natural health supplements, now available online, this company boasts 100% all-natural ingredients in the formulation of the products in the range. For your piece of mind, they are also ISO9001 certified and follow G.M.P. (Good Manufacturing Practice) principles.

One area of interest is the weight management range - there are 3 products, namely (1.) Thermo-Shed Extreme, a thermogenic fat metabolizer & herbal weight management supplement containing ingredients such as raspberry ketones, bitter orange peel & African mango. (2.) Garci-Cambo Combo, a combination food supplement & carb blocker, containing the tropical fruit Garcinia Cambogia and (3.) Verde Coffee Grano, a high strength natural slimming formula, utilizing the power of green coffee beans for that extra kick to burn stubborn fats.

In addition to the weight management range, there are also natural supplements for muscle building with a wide array of protein products, a detox, and digestion range to help the body balance the good bacteria with the bad bacteria for healthy stomach and overall general health & well-being, and a range of products specifically aimed at women during their menopause years to assist with hormone balance and water retention.

The website also has a range of products for alkalizing the body and reducing the acid in our blood streams, bone health, heart health and immune system help.

This brand may also to appeal to vegans & vegetarians and gluten & dairy free dietary requirements, with much of the product range also catering to such needs. Some of the products also have 100% organic status and have been certified by the soil association.

CEO and owner David Cran, not new to the health industry, having been Director of Retail at Adidas for Southeast Asia for the past 8 years says this "Salve Supplements is the start of my next chapter in life. For years, I have looked at so many health supplements and products which claim to do our bodies good, but when I pick them up and check the labels, so many of them are just pots or packets of chemicals, and goodness knows that they do to our bodies. The ambition with Salve Supplements was to produce a comprehensive range of health supplements & vitamins that contain only goodness from the land and the sea, just as Mother Nature intended for us. And that's exactly what we have done at Salve Supplements. We want to bring the gift of all natural health and wellness to the mass market. Usually, such products can only be found at expensive clinics, and for us, that's not fair, and so we wanted to make such natural goodness accessible to all, and not just a privileged few."


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