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Press Release: October 31, 2016

Mingalaba! Welcome to Greenwood tourism, your Myanmar travel tours partner. We are keen in making your travel to Myanmar worth your leisure time and we won’t be surprised if you come back for more of the experience. There are a lot of Myanmar tour packages to choose from such as the Yangon City tour and the Mandalay. When you are in Myanmar, do leave without having learnt about Buddhism which is practiced by a vast majority of the Burmese people. You will realize that it is a religion centered about peace, respect and kindness. It is about creating greater good for the society and doing away with all egos. With Myanmar destination, you will get to see lots of Buddhism landmarks such as temples and shrines which we strongly recommend you visit. From the Myanmar tour packages, you will find the local cuisine worth remembering and it is very affordable. Myanmar’s cuisine is a combination of Indian and Thai cuisines and are is closest neighbors to the North West and South East respectively. The cuisine is one of a kind with an assortment of meats, spices, soups that surely excite your taste buds with some of the best incredible flavors.

Some of the Myanmar tour packages include a trek through the local villages a recommendation by most Myanmar travel tours agencies. Trekking through the villages is one of the best ways to explore the golden land with the most notable one being the 70-km trek from Kalaw to the famous Inle Lake. Everything is included in the Myanmar tour packages with bed and breakfast being well accounted for. It is a very awesome experience to see how life unfolds in the villages and you will love the flora and fauna all the way to Inle Lake. It is a fun experience to wake up at sunrise with the birds chirping to the start of a new day and walk until sunset ready for another day. The scenic Inle Lake will take your breath away with its lush, green and fertile lands. No doubt that it is one of the most beautiful lakes of South East Asia with a clear reflection of rural tranquility. Inle Lake is one of the most preferred Myanmar destination sites and we are sure you will love the thrill.

Myanmar tour packages usually boast of the tropical climate in the golden land with three different seasons depending on the monsoon. The cold and dry season ranges from November to February, the hot-dry season from March to April and the rainy season between May and October. Myanmar destination has some of the best untouched beautiful beaches with a long coastline that might make you even shed a tear. The most favorite tourist beach destination one is Ngapali which loved by tourists for its crystal clear and clean water that you have to visit. The welcoming nature of the Burmese people will amaze you and everywhere you go you will be greeted with a huge warm smile. Have the courage to walk up to a local and strike a good conversation and you will be amazed at how calm Burmese people can be.

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