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Discover The Culinary Tourism Of India With Breakaway

Press Release: June 09, 2016

Culinary Tourism provides an opportunity to experience what the other tours struggle to achieve. India, a country whose rich tradition and culture is acclaimed all over the world, has also tingled the taste buds of many people with its delicious cuisine. On your next trip to India, don’t forget to take a virtual tour of the culinary festival. To better understand the culinary tourism, you should take a package from Breakaway. We provide you a tour to culinary festival and helps you explore the cuisine of different states.

Culinary tourism in India gives you an insight into its different cuisine, flavours, places and ingredients. It is the perfect way to understand the culinary taste of various locations and try the delectable cuisine of India. The culinary tours are a mixture of cuisine, fun activities, cultural show and introduction to the culture of India. The appetizing cuisine can satisfy any appetite. Each cuisine has a distinct flavour and can satisfy any appetite

Cuisine In India:

●Food In South India:
Prawns, Upma, Nawabi Kebabs, Dosa, Idli and Lobsters

●Food In North India:
Amritsari cholle bhature, Chicken Dum biryani, Nihari Gosht, Butter chicken and phirni.
Rajma rice, Kashmiri Rogan Rosh.

●Food In East India:
●Smoked Pork
●Zan Aloo Posto
●Fish Curry
●Begun Bhaja
●Chum Chum

●Food In West India:
Fish and shellfish, Bombay duck and pomfret, dhokla, Khakra, Daal-baati, Churma and Thepla.

Breakaway will help you create everlasting memories in India and will go out of their to give you the best hospitality. We try to create a deep and everlasting impression with our valuable services. Food tours in India entices many travellers and we provide packages that will give you an option to visit the different food festivals organized by different states.

We arrange a wide range of travel services covering:

●West India

●East India

●North India
★Jammu and Kashmir
★Himachal Pradesh

●South India
★Tamil Nadu

Breakaway will let you experience the real India and give you a chance to interact with the local people and have a unique experience. Our packages are the perfect way for all those who wants to travel and satisfy their taste buds. We help you plan a vacation that will make your dream come true. You can have your itinerary customized by our specialized team members and have a journey of your lifetime. You can contact our team members and let us plan your vacation to incredible India. We will pay attention to every small detail and plan an unforgettable vacation.

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