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Digital transcription and translation services from Transcription Global

Press Release: March 17, 2010

Transcription Global recently launched a number of new services aimed to fill the need for acute digital transcription and translation across a number of professional fields. The systems in place are designed to allow large scale projects to optimise resources and to obtain accurate data, rapidly and in a cost effective turnaround.

The team at Transcription Global have been carefully chosen for their field specific experience, and each transcriptionist is dedicated to their individual projects, with all work being subject to further quality evaluations.

The work of transcriptionists is to enhance data and to allow for more comprehensive facts to be drawn from projects. In addition Transcription Global has a team of highly experienced Project Managers who will support the needs of key projects from start to finish, allowing the stress to be taken away and to provide you with more time.

The need for translation company is something that is continuously growing as every day we make technological advances, and businesses expand globally, finding a need to have data translated into both European and Worldwide languages.

Currently Transcription global is a leading provider to some of the most high profile market research companies in UK, and has built a reputation that speaks for itself. Our clients are consistently contented with the way in which work is carried out efficiently, both in a time and cost effective method.

To find out more about the digital transcription and translation services offered by Transcription Global please visit our website today at www.transcriptionglobal.com


Transcription Global are the UK's leading company in digital transcription and translation services, providing tailored solutions to companies requiring instant responses, continuously developing according to the rapidly changing technological world in which we live and work. Transcription Global is a company built on the principles of supplying high quality services at reasonable and highly competitive prices.

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