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Digital scent startup Aromajoin introducing digital fragrance signage as part of its standard scent solutions

Press Release: August 25, 2020

The Japanese digital scent company Aromajoin is standardizing Aroma Signage, the company's scented digital signage solution after completing several successful pilots within the last year. Aroma Signage enhances conventional digital signage by using scent to express advertising information. This new marketing tool enriches content in a way never seen (or smelt) before.

One such Aroma Signage pilot was a perfume suggestion system that recommended luxury perfume to customers based on their answers to a short survey. Using an Aroma Shooter, Aromajoin's flagship scent technology, the installation emitted the recommended scent such that customers could sample it instantly. The fragrance-sampling installation was available to the public from November 2019 to February 2020 at the LUCUA shopping mall in Osaka, Japan.

Throughout 2020, Aromajoin has continued to innovate with digital signage, working discreetly with major fragrance brands in Japan and around the world to produce sanitary fragrance-sampling interfaces for retail in a post-COVID world. The company predicts future generations of Aroma Signage will be completely touchless.

Given the demand for innovative ways to bring customers back to brick-and-mortar retail stores, Aromajoin will be offering Aroma Signage as a standard aroma solution.

The matte black version of the Aroma Shooter is now available at half price, USD $498, during Aromajoin's ‘Scent For All’ campaign, which ends August 31st, 2020: https://www.aromajoin.com/scent-for-all

The Aroma Shooter is a 6-chamber aroma emitter that completely abandons liquid media (no vapor, nor mist, nor steam). Based on Aromajoin's proprietary solid-state fragrance material, the device simply transports scented air on command, making it nearly impossible for odors to mix together unintentionally, even as scents change at high speeds. The Aroma Shooter gives creative people the means to activate and transition discrete (or blended) scents as smoothly as visual content on a screen or sound through a speaker.

Aromajoin's mission is to change the world with aroma communication. In practical terms, the startup is pioneering development of a true, end-to-end digital scent infrastructure, imagining a future where scent information travels as seamlessly as text, audio, and video.

About Aromajoin Corporation: Founded in 2012 in Kyoto, Japan, Aromajoin Corporation produces the world's most advanced aroma delivery systems, serving the needs of over 100 enterprise clients in retail, cosmetics, F&F production, entertainment, VR, and neuroscience.

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