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Digital Print House – ‘Essential Oils for Healing’ by Janie Sanders

Press Release: June 20, 2016

Digital Print House would like to announce the launch of Janie Sanders’ new

book entitled ‘ Essential Oils for Healing ’ . The book is a must for anyone who
wants to learn more about the wonderful healing powers of essential oils and
their longterm
In the book you will find all the information required to become an expert in
the use of essential oils. You can read in depth how essential oils are made,
their many uses, the history behind them, aromatherapy techniques and
medicinal remedies to help maintain a healthier lifestyle.
The book will advise you on the most effective forms of massage therapy,
which oils to use and the trigger points for optimum results. You will also
discover the various ways you can administer essential oils depending on
your specific requirements, either through direct contact, massage or
aromatherapy. Bathing in essential oils can be one of the most effective ways
of using them. Not only are you breathing in the vapour of the oils allowing
them to help you on the inside but the oils are soaking in to your pores also.
Literally stimulating your mind, body and soul!
Nowadays most people go to their physician or GP for any minor aches, pains
or health concerns but hundreds of years ago that option was not available.
Using essential oils dates back to before 1500 BC and their benefits worked
then and can still be just as effective and powerful today if used correctly.
Essential oils are best known for relaxing body and mind, curing minor
ailments such as headaches, cold and flu symptoms and aching or painful
joints. Stress can be a huge issue and contributes to many other more serious
conditions such as heart problems and autoimmune
diseases, essential oils
help to relieve stress and get your mind and senses back to a more restful
place. In many cases they are also recommended to help ease the side effects
of more serious illnesses such as cancer or Parkinson’s Disease.
The beauty of using essential oils is that you can let others around you enjoy
the benefits of them too. Because essential oils are a natural way of creating
a mellow atmosphere they are a wonderful way to enhance moods and
create an ambience in a room. Certain aromas that fill the air can stimulate
the senses and help to enhance moods and emotions such as joy, harmony,
love, strength, energy and focus. Using certain oils can improve the mood and
help to relieve stress in others around you in your home, workplace or even
at a party.
By mixing certain oils you can help with many things such as sleep problems,
energy levels and congestion. Finding the right balance of aromas can be
highly beneficial in aiding the above issues if used correctly. In the book you
will discover the best ways of mixing those certain oils and how much to use
of each one to get that balance just right.
A growing number of people already understand and use the healing powers
of essential oils on a daily basis either to help them unwind after a long day
or for health reasons. By reading ‘ Essential Oils for Healing’ you can join the
thousands of others who have already discovered the benefits and healing
powers of nature’s most precious gift.

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