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Digital Marketing Strategies for Hotels to Increase Bookings

Press Release: August 18, 2020

The hotel industry is one of the biggest in the world with more than $500 billion in turnovers. And even if the short-term demand for accommodation is high, the competition within the industry is quite overwhelming. Hence, it becomes even more challenging to stand out against the competition.

So how do you make sure people find your hotel in the first place and book their stay? One of the great steps is to understand the multiple marketing channels in order to compete and learn how to market your hotel strategically.


Identify your key audience:

Start with the identification and understanding of your key audience. The very basis of successful marketing strategies is to find who the target audience is and what they seek from a corresponding business. By looking deeper into these aspects, you can tailor your business strategies according to their needs and fulfill them successfully. With this whole analysis, it will become easier to attract the right audience and grow your business online.

For instance, you can determine the reason your guest is traveling and staying for (business meeting, family vacation, adventure travel, etc.) and serve them with the amenities and incentives accordingly. By narrowing down your audience, you can focus on the resources you have for the specific guest, instead of trying to offer them every possible amenity.

Create public polls on social media or via email to know what your audience prefers the most. Advertise your hotel on booking sites, travel forums, and social media by prioritizing your efforts towards your target audience. This way, you will get the most return on your investments.


Determine your unique selling proposition (USP):

Your unique selling proposition is something that attracts the audience towards your brand. Knowing what makes your hotel stand out from the others will help you present yourself better in the eyes of your customers. This is equally important if you want to gain the customer’s trust.

You don’t have to be the cheapest or most luxurious hotel in your locality to have a great value proposition. You just have to offer something extremely unique that can grab the attention of your audience. Some of the best ways to determine your value propositions are: noticing your customer’s pain points, researching your competition, and collaborating with other businesses.

Researching into your competition will reveal all the differences and help you find a unique way of presenting the offers to your customers. Dive deeper into your competitor’s website, their social media channels, and other media outlets they are using. By knowing what sets you apart in terms of overall value, you can ultimately feature those points into your marketing campaigns.



Reach your audience:

You can reach out to your audience in several different ways. To ensure you reach the largest possible audience, you will need to use more than one marketing strategy. It is best to identify a few best ones to invest your time and efforts on, rather than spending all the resources on every possible channel.

This will help you effectively market your unique selling proposition and ensure it gets seen by your target audience. Some of the best ways are:

  • Optimize your site to rank better in search engines
  • Advertise your hotel on travel-based directories
  • List your property on business/travel booking sites
  • Request feedback from your existing customers
  • Build a killer social media presence
  • Get featured on media outlets
  • Do strategic marketing collaborations


Bottom line:

Every hotel business must take time to identify their key audience, determine their unique selling proposition, and market their business where their customers are looking for them. Consequently, the marketing strategy of your hotel should be unique and must include a strategic website design that encourages sales, active social media engagement, listings on booking sites, and various marketing collaborations. You can choose to take assistance from any ethical digital marketing agency to effectively help you out in your marketing strategy.

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Although it can take quite some time to develop a strong marketing strategy, it will make your customers feel glad about your service and generate significant results in the long run. What great is, you can always tweak your strategy from time to time and generate higher revenue.


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