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Digital Marketing Services Gain Momentum at Brandezk As the Organization Gets Lauded Across Various Digital Platforms

Press Release: July 17, 2020

New York, USA, 17th July 2020 - Brandezk, a renowned digital marketing agency in the USA, was widely appreciated by its clientele across a plethora of digital platforms for providing “result-driven” marketing solutions to its customers.

The company was appreciated, not for a single domain, but for the wide gamut of services it provides, in one way or another. Many clientele praised the agency for its secure web development services, while a wide number of customers referred to the company as “amongst the best in the industry”.

Jeremy Holland, the Marketing Director at Brandezk, giving his stance regarding the boost the company has achieved vis-à-vis the customer reviews, stated, “Effective marketing is the heart of any successful business. We, at Brandezk, conduct extensive audience analysis for our clientele to ensure customized marketing strategy tailored according to the target audiences’ tastes and preferences. Due to the growing recognition and appreciation amongst prominent entities, we witnessed a boom in our website traffic, and also managed to make successful conversions.”

“Digital marketing is the beginning of a new era and anyone not using this platform will possibly go out of business in a few years. Even small businesses like retail stores and startups have realized this and opting for these specific services. We have been receiving more orders for providing marketing solutions to various brands. Our sales have increased from 15.6% to 21.3% in just three months!” Added the director of sales at the company.
The majority of the reviews the company got pertaining to its services were on social media. Nevertheless, the company also gets sample reviews across the renowned customer-reviewing platforms.

About Brandezk

Brandezk is a digital marketing agency in the United States. Home to the industry's top vetted front-end developers and digital marketing experts, the agency has served several different brands since its inception. From the creation of mobile applications to videos, website designing to branding, search engine optimized content to complete digital marketing – Brandezk guarantees result-driven solutions to its customers.

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