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Digital Marketing and Its Benefits

Press Release: July 25, 2020

Digital Marketing and Its Benefits Digital marketing is any form of marketing that takes place without the use of print media i.e. printed newspapers, magazines, leaflets, pamphlets, brochures, billboards and signages.

These days, digital marketing has sky-rocketed because the number of avenues has jumped. Earlier it was just the websites with banners and small adverts strategically placed on them. A bit later into the timeline, search engines began auctioning keywords. Then came along Facebook, Twitter and dozen other digital marketing platforms. The latest are the apps that run on cell phones.

So, there you have it, there are numerous avenues of Ecommerce Digital Marketing and this in turn means you can pick and choose between them in terms of cost and effectiveness of delivering your ad message to your target audience.

The increase in the number of avenues for digital marketing has resulted in a lot of competition i.e. digital platform owners chasing the same set of advertisers. Naturally, prices are very competitive and for the price of a single billboard, or single large advert in a national daily, you could run a one-year digital marketing campaign and reap its benefits.

Print media advertisement is non-targeted i.e. everyone sees the advert – irrespective of whether they are interested or not. Digital marketing on the other hand, scores highly because the advert can be targeted to a specific age, gender, ethnic and even geographic locality. The benefits of such highly targeted advertisements are therefore huge.

So, now that I’ve got you thinking about the benefits of digital marketing, how do you hitch on to it? For this, you have to hire an expert or two; like the ones found at staffcloud.biz. These digital marketing gurus, have something called audience data for each of the digital platforms I mentioned above and also the apps.

Audience data refers to the age-group, gender, geo-location and economic background. For e.g. kids using PS4 gamers are all from wealthy backgrounds, tend to be in the under 30 age group, and generally male.

Those using the Tik tok app tend to be mixed gender and again, under 30 and so forth. So, which Creative Digital Marketing platform you target and how would depend on your product or service and who your target audience is. Figuring out which digital platform or combination of platforms to use is not easy. What is easy however, is hiring of digital marketing experts like the ones found at staffcloud.biz

The digital marketing gurus at staffcloud.biz will study your product or service and create a presentation for you that outlines platforms and the benefits you can hope to gain from each. A comparative analysis makes it ease to make a choice on which digital platform or combination of platforms to choose for your digital marketing. The sooner you begin, the sooner you reap the benefits.

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