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Digital Hearing Aids at trade prices across the UK

Press Release: March 25, 2010

The cost of the digital hearing aids is inclusive of the batteries. The dispensers even offer free home visits and also a free hearing test along with services and aftercare.

The brands include:

Oticon Hearing Aids, a Danish manufacturer based in Copenhagen and they have their head office in Hamilton, Scotland. They also own another hearing aid manufacturer, Bernafon.

Phonak Hearing Aids is a Swiss company with a wide range of products that are inexpensive. Their options of accessories are really attractive in the form of remote controls built into watches and wireless communication devices such as televisions and telephones. They also specialise in providing hearing solutions for children.

Siemens Hearing Aids comes from Siemens, a company founded by Werner in Berlin in 1947. They have been leaders in production of high quality hearing aids over 100 years now. Siemens Hearing Aids are one of the best instruments which allow you to modulate the amplifications of the sound levels.

Resound Hearing Aids founded in 1943 by Gerd Rosenstand, a leading player in the hearing aid industry has four unique brands of its own, Resound, Beltrone, Interton and Otometrics. They were the first to produce Wide Dynamic Range Compression and Digital Feedback Suppression.

Unitron Hearing Aids is a Canada based firm, producing one of the most comfortable hearing aid instruments suited to your lifestyle. Their business is spread over 53 countries.

Bernafon Hearing Aids comes from the Bern region of Switzerland producing quality products for more than 63 years.

Starkey Hearing Aids an American company spread over 18 countries produces top quality hearing products and unique hearing solutions.

For more information on the range of products from different companies under their brand names you can visit the website. They have classified each product under standard price and inclusive price. The standard price includes manufacturers warranty for about three years, whereas the inclusive price provides a five year warranty, along with free batteries for life, for the digital hearing aid.

They also sell Hearing Aid Batteries and other accessories like vibrating alarm clocks etc.

Hearingaidsattrade.co.uk have all prices listed on the website along with product ratings given by customers. The prices can be compared for your own satisfaction.

About Us

Hearing Aids at Trade is fully qualified and registered under the hearing aid council. Hearing Aids at trade focuses on providing the best qualities in collaboration with the local dispensers all over the UK.

Hearing aids at trade markets brands from seven different top notch companies which manufacture digital hearing aids. They provide quality products and services with a 30 day money back guarantee with a warranty from the manufacturer.

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Phone : 0800 328 3 867

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