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Digiformer & WEM brining DT in SMB market

Press Release: March 25, 2021

[Korea]: DigiformerSaaSlab(DFSL) believes Digital Business is the essence of digital transformation (DT) journey. In that regard, WEM today announced a new partnership with DFSL.

With CTK Cosmetics, a leading OEM cosmetics company, WEM and DFSL has kickstarted their partnership. Through the CTK Clip project, not only did WEM and DFSL gain a successful reference, but it will also motivate numerous companies to join the partnership program, to enhance the DT of the SMB market in Korea.

Sunny Choi, CEO of CTK Cosmetics, describes the digital journey with WEM and DFSL as following: “We were able to implement digital culture, digital workplace, digital workforce project through DFSL in 6 months. Moreover, with a partnership with WEM, we are confident to announce that CTK Cosmetics has become a truly digital company, the ultimate goal of digital transformation. We’re truly excited to successfully transform into ‘Digital CTK’. We will continue to work closely with DFSL and WEM to create more digital business opportunities on the digital platform.”

“We are excited to have Digiformer as a partner for Korea”, says Mr Chenobu Thong Managing Director, WEM APAC. He adds, “WEM APAC sees Korea as one of the key markets for the Asia Pacific region where digital transformation will drive massive demand for this leading no-code application development platform. Digiformer team carry extensive and rich experience in digital transformation projects. Together we can add significant value to any enterprise. CTK Clip project in fact demonstrates the value this partnership can bring to any Digital Transformation project in Korea.”

As of March 1, 2021, CTK Clip (www.ctkclip.com), the digital channel platform, was launched. Through CTK Clip, CTK Cosmetics will be able to support clients’ sales in real-time, as well as consulting them. Through this platform, CTK Cosmetics now possesses a digital competitive edge in the global cosmetics market.

“WEM platform has reduced the development period, as well as the cost. Also, it provides real-time reaction to clients’ requests”, says Scott Lee, CEO/founder of DFSL. He further goes on to add, “Integration of business ideas into the WEM platform is easily done. WEM solve resources issues (e.g., IT dev, infrastructure cost), enabling dramatic cost-saving.”

WEM is not only leading the transformation of the IT industry but also redefining the way applications are developed alongside drastically reducing the learning curve. The development of any enterprise applications is simple, accessible to all, and no coding is required. Application development is ten times faster and savings can be up to 90%.

WEM (https://wemapac.com/) is a leading no-code Application Platform as a Service provider, headquartered in Amsterdam & Melbourne. Over the few years, WEM has evolved as a leader in the no-code application development world. WEM empowers organizations, teams, and subject-matter experts to build applications, without needing to write a single line of code or have extensive technical skills. The platform can build, stage and execute the development of application in real-time, enabling rapid application delivery in a truly agile way.

Digiformer is a Korean SaaS platform/B2B marketplace, founded in June of 2020. Digiformer has a vision of bringing DT (digital transformation) to SMB (small & medium business) through SaaS/platform. They perform CDO (chief digital officer) concierge service, SaaS/platform recommendation, evaluation, implementation, and managed service. In simple terms, they provide DT one-stop service to SMBs in Korea. Digiformer, who raised a surprise earning of $1.0M in just 2 quarters last year, also launched SaaSlab(www.saaslab.kr) last December. It is Korea’s first SaaS/platform B2B marketplace. SaaSlab is working closely with prospective Korean startups to export SaaS/platform solutions in the global market. SaaSlab is also importing prominent global solutions into the Korean market, thus creating a SaaS eco-system.


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