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Digi-C Appoints New Finance Director

Press Release: January 22, 2019

Digi-C Appoints New Finance Director

As one of the leading managed cryptocurrency investment funds, Digi-C is growing. With plans for expansion into the EU, the need for a new Finance Director was apparent. Digi-C announced that they would be appointing John Buckley, a member of the Chartered Institute of Managed Accountants, as the company’s new Finance Director and that his knowledge and expertise could make their entry into the European market possible. The company made this decision based on a 2nd quarter 2018 board meeting where market share and expansion were the focus.

Digi-C convened the fund’s board of directors in the second quarter of 2018 to discuss the adjustments and revisions needed to enter the European market. With plans to concentrate on Spain, Italy and France during the early stages of their European move, that need to be made.

About Mr. Buckley, Patrick Sharp, founder and CEO of Digi-C, stated, “Mr. Buckley will be a prolific help in our entry to the European market as well as any future endeavours Digi-C undertakes. The skills he has gained as a Chartered Global Management Accountant are paramount. I am very pleased with our decision to appoint Mr. Buckley and we can expect robust growth in 2019. We have all worked hard to build a company based on the principles of exceeding the needs of our clients and on providing performance based investments they can depend on. I firmly believe Mr. Buckley will only enhance that.”

Charles Townsend, Digi-C Marketing Director, stated “I am looking forward to working closely with John and I welcome him to Digi-C with open arms. John has an abundant amount of talent and he is exactly what Digi-C needs as we move to expand into new global markets.”

When asked about his appointment as Finance Director for Digi-C, Mr. Buckley stated “I am excited and prepared to help take Digi-C into the future. I am confident Digi-C’s stellar performance in cryptocurrency fund management combined with my abilities to analyse information and propose strategies will drive both new growth as well sustainable success for our business and clients”.

Digi-C is a managed cryptocurrency investment fund focused on balancing the preservation of capital with superior market returns. The firm was established to provide institutions, pension funds and private wealth individuals with a safe, effective and profitable way to take advantage of the growing cryptocurrency market.
If you would like further information on Digi-C please visit their website at https://www.digi-c.io/

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