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Different Forms of Paracetamol Medicine and How to Use It

Press Release: December 14, 2020

There are many forms Paracetamol available in the market. Farmson as a Paracetamol bulk drug supplier confirms that patients must choose their form of Paracetamol based on doctor’s advice, age and physical condition. There is no one rule or formula about which form of Paracetamol works for whom. Paracetamol is usually used to control fever and as a pain killer. It is considered safe for both men and women of all ages along with children, pregnant women and covid patients. As it is an easily available drug, often no medical consultation is done before opting for Paracetamol. This should not be a practice and Farmson highly advocates doctor consultation before taking Paracetamol in any form.

In this blog, Farmson further explains the different forms of Paracetamol IP and how it can be consumed by patients:

Paracetamol tablet

Patients who choose to take Paracetamol tablet must swallow the whole tablet with a glass of water.

In case the Paracetamol tablet requires disintegration, do it with dry clean hands and then take the Paracetamol tablet safely with water.

Some also prefer chewable form of Paracetamol tablet. If opting for so, keep chewing till the Paracetamol tablet disappears from your mouth.

For those taking Paracetamol extended release tablet, ensure you swallow the whole Paracetamol tablet in one go without break.

Paracetamol Effervescent

The first way to have Paracetamol Effervescent is dissolving it in a glass of water and drinking it.

Paracetamol Granules

Those patients who choose to take or are advised Paracetamol granules must dissolve it in water and then take the Paracetamol granules medicine.

Paracetamol Syrup

Patients can use a clean teaspoon/tablespoon for taking Paracetamol syrup.

If you take Paracetamol suspension syrup, do not forget to shake the bottle before taking it.

Paracetamol Powder

Paracetamol Powder must also be dissolved in water for consumption. You can buy Paracetamol powder at Farmson.

Paracetamol Suppository

Patients who choose Paracetamol Suppository must push it from the rectum with clean hands. The Paracetamol Suppository melts inside the human body.

Paracetamol Injection

Paracetamol Injection can only be given by a doctor. Do not try taking Paracetamol injection by you recommends Farmson as it can lead to health hazard.

This blog post about Different Forms of Paracetamol Medicine and How to Use It is compiled by Farmson. For any further information or inquiry about Paracetamol medicine and its safety consumption, feel free to get in touch with Farmson.

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