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Difference between national law schools and other law schools

Press Release: July 25, 2017

This article is going to talk about the difference between national and other law schools. Let's take a look at the major differences.


The first difference between national and other law schools is the rank of the college according to a good source such as legally India or India today. You will find here that the colleges ranked best are all national law schools.


The second and perhaps most important difference is in terms of placements. A national law school could get you a job with a package of 12-15 lakh p.a. and a regional or private college would only get you a placement of 4-6 lakh p.a. and sometimes a private or regional college promises no placement at all. That is a stark difference that exists between these national and other law schools.


The third difference is in terms of faculty. National law school faculty often includes legal luminaries coming in to give lectures as guest faculty, or there is a system of faculty exchange with international universities where lecturers who are experts in law subjects come to deliver lectures on the international dimension of law, or on a particular topic of their expertise such as maybe Intellectual property law.

This makes for a dynamic learning environment and students get an opportunity to get a global view of their field. Plus the faculty of national law schools usually are better equipped with doctorates in their field whereas low ranked regional and private law schools do not have the requirement that their teachers be doctorate holders.

Legal activities

The fourth major difference is that national law schools will give you a chance to participate in legal activities such as writing book reviews, case studies and essays on legal themes. This helps you better your legal skills and instincts and will help you when time comes for you to join the legal fraternity as an employee. Plus, the competition you face comes handy and you can polish your skills to come at par with the best brains in country.


The fifth point deals with what I just mentioned above. Studying and learning alongside the best brains does well for you. The point is that the best brains choose the best law schools which are national law schools and that can be a major factor in encouraging you to do your best.

Journals and magazines

The sixth point is that there is a trend in the best national law schools that they have various journals which deal with different topics for instance law and technology and participating and giving your inputs to these journals makes you a subject expert and enables great learning.

Moot court society

The seventh point of difference is that better the college the better would be the level of its moot court society. Good quality moot court competitions give you exposure to various subjects of law together and involves both research and communication skills which is like a taste of real world case laws. All national law schools have a moot court society but the level of how good the execution of moots is depends on how good the college is. I believe how good the moot court society is should be a deciding factor in how good the college is.

Socio legal activities

The eight major point of difference between a good national law school and a private or regional college is that a good college will teach you and encourage you to give back to the society. The causes that the college takes up may range from betterment of lives of the poor, or the cause of homosexuals to cause of the sex workers. But you will hugely benefit personally from getting involved. That is what makes lawyers different from other professionals and it will also add value to your resume.

Discovering your strengths

The ninth major advantage of a national law school is that the college will help you find your strengths. This could be anything. If you write well or paint or draw well then the law school which is worth it would give you a platform where you could submit your writings from poetry to your outpourings and your visual art. The national law schools will give you avenues where you are kept positively involved and leave you no time to waste and what could be better than that.

Amenities for good health

Plus, the tenth thing is that a national law school would encourage you to stay healthy. There will be a gym, a swimming pool, aerobics classes or yoga and meditation and if you are self motivated then you will definitely find a way to maintain and take care of your health.

Sports activities

Eleventh advantage of a national law school is that sports would be encouraged. It could be sports such as basketball, football, volleyball and cricket or indoor activities such as table tennis.
Cultural fests
Finally the twelfth point is that national law schools have unbelievable cultural fests which see an amalgamation of all good law schools coming together and celebrating. The host college students have to take care of entire organization specially getting sponsorships and that polishes their inter personal skills like nothing else. There are rock bands that come and perform and the students feel a sense of community with other law schools and a sense of pride in their own college.

Overall it's the stellar quality of life offered to a student for five years which makes a national law school stand out from among private and regional law colleges.

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