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Diet VS Full sugar dinks. Which REALLY is worse for you? educogym Canary Wharf give the final answer

Press Release: February 15, 2018

Low calorie options such as diet coke are favoured by many for their low calorie, sugar, fat and carb content, but how safe are they? educogym Canary Wharf dispel the myths and unveil the hardcore facts.

educogym Canary Wharf are a personal training private studio and gym specialising in both the training and nutrition of their clients. With sweeteners being a very debatable subject over the years, educogym Canary Wharf have clarified the facts surrounding the controversy. “We like our clients to eat clean, the close they can get to organic the better, and we advise to avoid sweeteners as much us possible, the effects are very simply not tested enough on humans, aspartame is one of the main culprits that is in almost every diet fizzy drink and sugar free product on the market but it has been one of the most controversial sweeteners with links, although medically unproven, to brain tumours, leukaemia and more” confirmed Godfrey Nurse, educogym Canary Wharf personal trainer.

Sweeteners are artificial, man made products, some are up to 600 times sweeter than sugar, however don’t have the calories that the full fat options may have, for example a normal can of coke has 10 teaspoons of sugar compared to 0 in a diet drink. The media over the last few years have concentrated on the health issues that come with over eating sugar, diabetes, obesity and the fact that is so addictive, leaving most people trying to avoid sugar. The question remains, are sweeteners just as bad as their full sugar counterpart? “In my honest opinion, I feel they are both as bad as each other. If you choose the full fat option, you are loading your body with sugar, a huge number of calories, spiking insulin and so conserving fat, if you use a diet option, you are putting artificial substances into your body, with unknown consequences, however there are certain sweeteners such as sucralose, which I feel should be favoured, if you have to have them, this comes from sugar and has so far not had any controversy and the studies deem it safe for human consumption, sucralose is found in many flavoured waters, some own brand jelly, protein shakes and more, so if you have to have a sweetener, go for sucralose” explained Godfrey Nurse, educogym canary Wharf personal trainer.

Of course, the best option is not to have high sugar, fizzy or sweetened drinks, so what is a healthy alternative? “Depending on how strict you want to be, you could have lemon water, or put fruit into water to give it the natural tastes without any unknown chemicals or insane amounts of sugar, a small amount of natural fruit juices, and obviously the best, water!” said Godfrey Nurse, Educogym Canary Wharf personal trainer.

Unfortunately, it seems that both high sugar and sweeteners are linked to bad health and obesity along with many other issues, the best bet? Keep it natural as much as possible!

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