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Dexterous DMCC Enters the Graphene Industry Offering a Lucrative Funding Opportunity to Its Investors

Press Release: February 18, 2021

 The Commodity Procurement Specialist Has Secured a Supply Agreement with a Leading Graphene Company in the World 
The Emirati commodity procurement giant, Dexterous DMCC ventures into the graphene industry in 2021 by signing a procurement deal with a renowned global graphene producer. Conner Curran, the CEO of the company invites investors to join the funding campaign during the equity financing stage.

Even though graphene is the latest addition to the Dexterous DMCC commodity business, it has attracted numerous potential investors who have shown great interest in funding the venture. The first round of capital raising will commence shortly to facilitate the initial set-up of the graphene business based in the USA. Dexterous DMCC will be actively involved in the supply chain, business strategy, accounting and budgeting, human resourcing and training, product development, improving brand awareness, and customer acquisition sectors.

Besides, the company will act as the intermediary between the graphene manufacturer and buyers. The expertise and experience of the company in the commodity procurement arena will be leveraged to maximize the profitability of the stakeholders and to maintain the equilibrium of supply and demand for graphene-enhanced solutions and products in the market. Dexterous DMCC commits to developing a green supply chain that will minimize the carbon footprint of the business. Moreover, the partnered graphene producer has a proven track record of sustainable sourcing, making this an environmentally friendly funding opportunity. 

About Dexterous DMCC
Dexterous DMCC is a leading international company headquartered in Dubai, UAE. The company has marked its presence in 5 continents and is constantly expanding its network of suppliers and buyers in the commodity industry under the guidance of its CEO – Conner Curran. Dexterous DMCC is predominantly known for its supply chain management skills in the diamond, gold, ethanol, fuel, graphite, and graphene industries. The consultation arm of the business provides business development and growth-hacking ideas to a diversified corporate clientele around the globe.

For more information visit their official website at  Dexterous DMCC 

Contact Details:
Contact Person: Conner Curran – CEO
Company name: Dexterous DMCC
E-mail: Conner@dexterousdmcc.com
Website: www.dexterousdmcc.com
Country: United Arab Emirates 

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