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Destra World Books Publishing Caters to Authors Looking for a Top Tier Publisher.

Press Release: December 22, 2015

Destra World Books Publishing and co-founders, Juanita and Ronald Destra are pleased to announce that the company offers a menu of publishing packages to match the author's needs with all the tasks which surround publishing and marketing books. All the task are handled by Destra World Books Publishing so that authors can focus on writing. Traditional publishing is gradually declining, thanks to the opportunities available with online publishing.

According to a company spokesperson, "We have many plans, packages, and publishing services to suit your needs. With Destra World Books Publishing Company, we handled everything for you; from initial book registration, editing services, illustration services and online book sales to marketing of your book or eBook."

Authors know that there are many places where a book can be published. Choosing an online publishers allow for lowering costs, increasing profits and still getting wide exposure. Destra World Books Publishing takes the manuscript from start to finished product. There is complete communication throughout the process. The professionals at Destra World Books Publishing takes care of the editing responsibilities and book cover design. Changes, additions and deletions are free of charge.

The publication of the book is followed by second step which is crucial to success. Destra World Books Publishing will help with the marketing both with the offline and online channels. First time authors often are unable to access the resources necessary to gain wide exposure. The result is low sales and discouragement.

In addition to the basic publishing costs, Destra World Books Publishing adds a number of a la carte extras. A few examples are rapid release, an email campaign, virtual book tour, online radio interview and a video interview. For authors who know what they want: Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum Packages are available.


Destra World Books Publishing provides top notch publishing services, giving book and eBook authors a 60% net royalty profit. In today's technology- driven world, Destra World Books Publishing gives authors worldwide distribution and allows them to keep all copyrights.

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