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Designing Tips to Create Compelling Business Signage

Press Release: October 01, 2015

Known as one of the most effective marketing tools, business signage conveys a message about your company to the targeted audience. It is the first thing about your company that attracts the attention of the potential customers and draws them towards your business. In order to create a compelling display to attract more potential customers you should keep these below mentioned crafting tips in mind.

Be short and crisp

In order to catch the attention of prospective clients, your message on the display has to be crisp, short and to the point only. People are running out of time, so try to create a message that catches the attention of target audience with just a glimpse of eyes. You need to keep in mind that readers don’t have time to go through bulk of texts.

Compelling colour

If you want to create an effective and successful signage, you have to choose the colour carefully. It’s true that sometimes colour can convey a brand’s identity, for example- McDonald's is associated with red and yellow. Try to strategically implement colours in your display to excite the customers and to help them getting connected with you instantly.

Signage material

If you want to have a vintage look for your signage, wood or Acrylic stone engraving will meet your need. If you an owner of a restaurant, you should use LED outdoor display instead of vinyl, wood or metal as that will be more effective for your kind of business.

Contrast for readability

When it comes to determining the readability of a signage, contrast plays a pivotal role. For a much appealing signage, you should consider a light colour on a dark background, or the opposite of that. You can add a border around the graphics or text to increase readability.

Size of the display

The size of your display could vary depending on the message you want to convey to your customers. While finalising the dimensions of the display, consider how far away you want the sign to be visible from. Try to use large typefaces on it as its increase readability.

Instead of using boring, conventional ones, try to add some fun element in your signage to attract more customers. If you don’t want anything from the sig making company’s product list, you can even ask them to create bespoke signs for you. Add jokes, puns in your signage to make it more appealing.

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