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Designing the Interior of the House Is Equally Important As Construction Itself

Press Release: October 20, 2015

Inhouse Interior Designer Cheshire is not just a team of interior designers, but there is also a wonderful team of time served, trusted contractors who help make the designers vision for your interior come to life. Some of the services this amazing team allow us to offer are:

Curtain Making
One of the most important finishing touches to a room we think are curtains or blinds as they can make or break a scheme. Our wonderful curtain makers not only make all our clients curtains and blinds but can also provide all the poles or tracks as well. We are even able to offer an automated track system, which can be controlled from your tablet device or mobile phone – so that you can open and close the curtains when you are not at home. This is a great security conscious device for when you are on holiday! Our team also fit the curtains or blinds personally – ensuring that you are happy with the finish when they do.

Our superbly skilled upholsterers can breathe a new lease of life into any of your existing much-loved pieces of furniture – and possibly make you fall in love with them all over again! They are also able to produce fabric covered headboards – which can add a dramatic touch to any bedroom.

Everybody would love to have a competent decorator in their personal contacts list – and we are so lucky to have a team of them! The decorating team are, of course, highly skilled – and make the task of hanging our gorgeous wallpapers choices look easy.

Lighting Designers
Lighting can really affect the mood of a room and is one of the most important design elements. Our lighting designers know how to make the best use of the powerful medium of light, and can create effects that can be changed to match the mood of the space.

Flooring Experts
The flooring experts at Inhouse Interior Designers Cheshire have superior knowledge about all types of flooring, from wooden floors, through vinyl planks to carpets and bespoke rugs.

Inhouse Interiors are lucky enough to have a great relationship with a long list of trades, which cover essential things such as electricians, plasterers, tillers, plumbers and corgi registered heating, engineers. We’re sure you’d love a peek inside our phonebook!

If your interior project is a little bit bigger i.e. you are planning on extending rather than just re-decorating, and then we have a great architect who can plan, design and oversee the construction.

Architectural Surveyor
Inhouse Interiors are also lucky enough to know an excellent surveyor, who is able to draw up plans for any extension or internal building work you may want – and the plans will be of a standard that can be submitted to planning officers. One the plans are accepted, and the architectural surveyor can quote in full for the work, organise the whole process from start to finish, and also project manage the whole project for you.

Inhouse Interior Design can also organise house cleaning, carpet cleaning and concierge services for our clients – to ensure that your finished project looks the best it can be.

We are really confident on our choice of contractors because we have worked with the majority of them for over ten years. We won’t work with anyone that we wouldn’t feel comfortable having in our home – as we want our clients to have that same feeling as well. Many of our previous clients have been so happy with their service that they have continued to use them for many years after their projects were completed! And that is good enough for us.

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