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Design'N'Buy Launches New Book On Step-By-Step Implementation Of Web-To-Print

Press Release: July 23, 2020

Design’N’Buy, a leading web-to-print solutions provider, has launched a paperback on the step-by-step implementation of web-to-print technology.

Written by Founders Abhishek and Nidhi Agarwal, the book is a goldmine for printing businesses looking to drive more sales (including repeat sales), streamline their service offerings, and ensure an optimal shopping experience through automation.

Speaking of the motive behind writing this book, Nidhi said, “After garnering 20+ years of combined experience in the print industry, we realized there was no comprehensive guide to help printers fully understand what web-to-print means to their business and how they can optimally use it. Our book caters to all kinds of printers - those who have deployed web to print before and those who haven’t.” Visit for more information: https://www.designnbuy.com/all-in-one-designer-html5.html

The paperback covers various aspects of web2print, including its benefits for printing businesses and their customers, and industries where the technology has shown results.

The book is divided into three major sections, including project planning, project execution and the build phase - which are further broken down into smaller projects, each with their tasks and issues - such as team formation, vendor selection, server setup and configuration, payment gateway setup, logistic monitoring and analysis, and digital marketing.

Moreover, the paperback has been designed in the form of a workbook that allows readers to make notes and answer questions regarding web2print and their business vision.

Printers can list down potential benefits and challenges of web2print for them and their customers in various exercises within the book.

“The worksheets make you want to put on your thinking cap and write 5-6 reasons why web-to-print is what you need for your online printing business. We have included sections where teams can scribble notes on their current processes, identify changes to be made, and set guidelines in the book itself,” said Abhishek, also Design’N’Buy’s Chief BD Officer.

There are also several project management-sque worksheets that help printers finalize the team members and build a team, and also analyze risk that could crop up during and after the implementation phase as per the team.

“Managers can have discussions with select individuals to understand how aligned they are with the implementation or execution of web-to-print. The end goal is not to implement the technology but to do it properly so that the business can reap all its benefits. It is all about establishing a methodology,” he added.

Web-to-print technology has empowered the print industry and has enabled businesses to leverage the internet to deliver beyond merely print services. Given how this technology is a considerable investment, it is necessary to eliminate the chances of failure.

That is why the paperback also comprises a manual ROI calculator to help interested printers find their return on investment. The reader can also scan the calculator’s QR code and visit the calculator webpage should they wish to use it digitally.

“By answering the short questionnaire and using the formula shared in the book, one can estimate their cost savings in terms of time taken to send the artwork for approval, process an order, fulfill shipment, and calculate ROI,” Abhishek explained.

But the two founders do not stop here and share actionable growth hacks for disruption under “The Growth Phase.” The aim is that even after web-to-print technology has become available for use by customers and operations are running smoothly, the printing company should stop finding ways to pivot or scale.

“We believe a successful printing business is built on a strong foundation, and it is necessary to have a long-term plan to go wherever they want to be. Web-to-print technology acts as an accelerant in this scenario, and it can propel businesses to achieve more than they have set out to achieve,” Nidhi signed off.

Published by Notion Press, the paperback is available on Amazon and Flipkart.

To know more, visit their official website https://www.designnbuy.com/news/book-step-by-step-implementation-of-web-to-print/


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