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Design agency introduces new website product designed for start-ups and entrepreneurs at home

Press Release: June 02, 2020

With the current situation and tightening budgets, small businesses are finding it harder to get a professional website online without breaking the bank.

Casper Creative Design Agency in Haywards Heath has introduced a new website product aimed at start-ups and small businesses who want professional website design but aren’t in a position to spend the kind of budget normally required to get an agency level of service.

Ignite by Casper Creative offers a complete, custom website, designed by experts from just £499 with the option to add low-cost brand, logo design and digital marketing services.

“We are finding more and more that small businesses often know what they want from a website and just need a helping hand getting something live to act as a proof of concept. A lot of our clients have tried online website builders and not been able to get the level of professionalism they need to get their brand online.

The build-it-yourself type solutions available from many hosting providers and online tools are great but a lot of entrepreneurs simply don’t have the time to sit and build a website themselves and would rather focus on running their business and leave the build of their website to the experts.

We created Ignite as a middle ground between an online tool and a full agency service. When someone purchases an Ignite website; one of our expert designers will produce a professional, branded website that’s tailored to a client’s needs.

We’ve managed to substantially reduce the cost of this by simplifying the process. A client can complete their order form online and our team gets to work, rather than running through a process of sending over designs for sign-off and revision, we get straight to the build and send over a complete website for the client to review.

Based on their feedback, we then make changes to their website to ensure it fully meets their needs and expectations. By cutting out the middle step we’ve significantly increased the speed of delivery and reduced the number of hours a quality website takes to deliver.

We’re still a full-service agency at heart and by offering this low-cost, entry level product we hope that we can continue to service Ignite website clients as their businesses grow and mature by offering easy access to the full agency service when they need us.” – Shaun Sparks, Managing Director of Casper Creative Design Agency.

The process of ordering an ignite website is completely contactless, handled online, via email and phone when feedback and discussion are needed.

To celebrate the launch of their new Product, Casper Creative have set up a competition to give away one free website to a qualifying business or individual. You can enter for your chance to win at ignitebycc.com/win-a-free-website. To find out more about Ignite and Casper Creative Design agency, visit ignitebycc.com


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Tel: 01444 222023

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