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Delf’s Cocoon Range of Cold Store Clothing is not subject to Tariffs

Press Release: March 08, 2021

UK based manufacturer of uniforms, work clothing, and cold store clothing, Delf Coldwear Solutions has been a major player in the storage, warehousing, and distribution industry. The company serves customers all over the world through its network of distributors, but has a special advantage to offer for UK based companies. 

The Perks of Buying from a UK Manufacturer of Cold Storage Clothing 

Delf Coldwear Solutions Cocoon Range of Cold Store Clothing is manufactured in the United Kingdom, allowing them to be at an advantage over its competitors when it comes to exporting goods to the EU. The Rules of Origin for goods and commodities that are procured from outside or even inside the EU and are brought into the UK, then reexported to elsewhere in the EU will be subject to tariffs and more than likely delays. These Rules of Origin can affect the free movement of goods significantly. (See links at bottom of post for reference)

What Are The EU Import Rules for Freezerwear

Even though some of the components of our Cocoon Range of Freezer Clothing are imported, because of the process of manufacture and the percentage, our garments are considered fully made in the UK, enabling us to export to the EU far easier than if they weren’t.

Does Delf’s Clothing Range Still Comply with EU Standards?

Since Brexit Delf Coldwear Solutions still complies with (EN342) EU Standards. Delf has re-registered its products with an EU based certification company to maintain our standards, and have also applied for UKCA certification.

How Long Does It Take for Coldwear Products  to Arrive from Delf to our UK Business?

We have good stocks of our standard Cocoon Range of Cold Store clothing, which means a quick turn around of a couple of days for orders.

Any items that need to be made bespokely carry a lead time of 8 to 10 weeks.


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Notes to editors

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