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Deconstructing The Ushers one of the best films this year

Press Release: July 10, 2020

Deconstructing The Ushers, a film by Amir Ragporker, aims to crash the Israeli Academy awards party. It’s a perfect delight that sets up an amazing journey through a mysterious family named Usher. Ragporker delivers script which is devious and dynamic, and the direction is unique. It is a very special movie and well done.

The film has some familiar face and newcomers. First of, the acting is in one word, AMAZING! Breakthrough of the year! Miki Barkan with a performance full of tiny and unexpected nuances. Just put a camera on her! She glows! Barkan plays a double role of Ariela and Eliora Usher. Dealing with some absurd situations.

Roberto Pullack is the lead actor. That is his best performance in a leading role in his entire life. Next to him Irit Avani makes a great comeback to mainstream. She is quite an energy bomb.

Ido Mosseri (Don’t' Mess With The Zohan) in the supporting role proves one more time, that he is one of the most talented actors in Israel.

One note is that the music is mesmerizing and unique as it creates a dark and childish tone, from composer, Samuel Segev.

Overall, Deconstructing The Usher is a complex and a very interesting movie. I urge everyone to see it, once released.

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