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Dear John... Why We Should All Be Writing Letters

Press Release: June 24, 2015

With Kim Kardashian releasing a letter to her future self this week (yes really!), luxury gift hub Pen Heaven have put together their top 5 reasons as to why we should all be putting pen to paper.

Most definitely a trend with celebrities, it appears the infatuation does not stop there, with many creative types from all walks of life still very fond of the tradition of letter writing.

The Queen has been known to send her recipes by personal post, whilst Fidel Castro once famously asked US President Franklin D. Roosevelt for $10 via one. In more recent times, Emma Watson praised Steve Carell for his support of gender equality and similarly Beyoncé penned a humbling note to the First Lady Michelle Obama, citing "Michelle, is the ULTIMATE example of a truly strong African American woman." The common factor bringing them all together - the handwritten letter.

Wherever you come from and whatever your background, letter writing should become your new favourite pastime. Known for its therapeutic benefits for both author and receiver, online gift hub and stationary specialists Pen Heaven offer their top 5 reasons as to why we should be moving away from the keyboard and picking up our pens.

1) It's stress relieving - many studies have shown that writing can be an effective way of combating stress and anxiety. Just a few minutes set aside each day to collect yourself and your thoughts can help. It's also a great way to channel negative energy, whilst improving your mental wellbeing.

2) It's personal and expressive - the ideal way to show someone you care and that they are in your thoughts. It also never hurts to say 'thank you'

3) It's a keepsake - to be kept in a shoebox in the closet, or filed away neatly, a handwritten note captures true feelings and a moment in time to be remembered and cherished.

4) It's romantic - who could forget Ryan Gosling in The Notebook "I wrote you 365 letters. I wrote you every day for a year"?

5) It's the perfect excuse for stepping away from the computer and putting down you phone - more than just words on a screen, the handwritten note won't run out of battery or be dependent on your wifi!

"Receiving a handwritten letter creates feelings of excitement. It’s not often we get them so it’s always a very pleasant surprise to see a handwritten envelope in between a pile of bills. There is something incredibly personal about a handwritten note, the gratitude that it expresses, the memories that it brings back and the appreciation you feel really does boost your mood.” - David Cole, CEO Pen Heaven.

Wanting to keep the legacy of the handwritten letter alive, Pen Heaven showcase a plethora of writing implements from the beloved pencil to the more advanced style of the Quill, along with journals, notebooks and more. Each can be engraved or embossed making them perfect for gifting to your nearest and dearest and of course yourself. www.penheaven.co.uk

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