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Deadline Looming For UK Retailers To Meet New EU Legislation

Press Release: October 14, 2015

Time is running out for UK retailers to comply with the conditions of the new Union Customs Code (UCC), but help is at hand from Langdon Systems Ltd to mitigate the potential for unwelcome financial and operational constraints when the European Union (EU) legislation is enforced from May 1 2016.

This EU legislation is intended to standardise the movement of trade across member states, simplifying Customs rules and improving security and safety of both inwards and outwards goods. Failure to be compliant with the new Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) scheme could delay the release of goods from some premises and affect services.

However, Langdon Systems says that the flip side of what may be considered an imposition for many retailers is the competitive advantage that AEO accredited businesses will gain with global trading partners by being able to fast track goods through security controls and Customs.

For example companies in the beauty and healthcare sectors, where speed of delivery is essential for items such as chilled medications, are more likely to experience smooth Customs clearance of their goods if they have the correct certification. Brand protection through the international supply chain must also not be underestimated when considering the benefits of AEO.

Businesses need to be aware that significant trading partners with the EU have adopted, or are developing, an equivalent standard and some firms, in particular those based in the US, are choosing only to associate with those that have AEO accreditation.

Those that fail to adhere to the AEO standard will be subject to Mandatory Guarantees to operate Customs Procedures and must submit prior notification of release of goods. A dwell time will be imposed and goods may not be removed until it has expired otherwise penalties will apply.

Langdon Systems Customs Manager, Dave Bradbury, said: “Our experience of dealing with the retail industry has led to us providing this sector with comprehensive Customs solutions. AEO status will become a necessity for many businesses trading internationally. It is important that Retailers are aware of the implications and impact of dealing with businesses authorised for Customs activities. Langdon Systems’ AEO (C) solution will fully address these challenges.”

The company provides a dedicated service for achieving AEO (C) status for businesses in the UK and other EU Member States and is urging them to ensure their operations are compliant by the May 1st 2016 deadline. The emphasis is on producing a comprehensive AEO package to present to HMRC with the ultimate goal of gaining AEO certification.

The four-day programme is interspersed with guided learning opportunities, assignments and assessments. It offers not just knowledge but the time and space for practical application. The events themselves are a mix of tutorial led input (including that from HMRC), exercises and peer group evaluation at key stages in the development of a bundle containing all the evidence required to support an AEO application. The programme can also be tailored to be delivered in-house for larger businesses with a number of delegates and/or with a specific need.

Alternatively, for those unsure of the potential impact on their business, a one day introductory seminar is offered which takes you through the background and aims of the UCC and they detail the effect AEO will have on companies trading internationally. The seminar costs £750 plus VAT per person to attend with discounts available for extra delegates. Following the seminar businesses have the option of continuing on to complete the rest of the full programme.

To find out prices and further details of the full AEO training programme or the one day seminar please contact Langdon Systems Tel. 01942 202202 or visit http://aeo.langdonsystems.com/

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