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DCU car park decked out with Degafloor

Press Release: April 14, 2010

The main DCU campus is an attractive, vibrant and an incredibly busy environment that is exposed to heavy traffic every day, so McKeon Construction had to find a decking system that would perform brilliantly in this pressurised environment, and that would also complement the innovative design and the modern feel of the campus.

McKeon Construction Ltd. discussed the client requirements with Larsen Contracts (Ireland) Ltd, a specialist resin contractor, and their immediate recommendation was to use a Degafloor CP TD system.

The Degafloor CP TD system is designed to offer the outstanding flexibility and performance required for top decks of multi-storey car parks. The unique formulation allows installation to occur extremely quickly, with the main system of 2-3mm being installed in a single application process.

Despite bad weather conditions during the February installation, the unique two-hour cure time of the CP TD system (which is unaffected by temperature) made it possible for Larsen Contracts to install the new decking within just two days, resulting in much less disruption than would have occurred using a standard resin based decking system.

The project was completed according to specification, within budget and on time. DCU and McKeon Construction are delighted with the installation and the numerous benefits that the Degafloor CP TD system has delivered, including: outstanding durability, flexibility, a totally seamless and impervious finish, outstanding slip resistance and visually pleasing aesthetics.

Speaking on behalf of Larsen Contracts, Eddie OBrien said: The Degafloor CP TD system enabled us to complete the installation within the short window of time available (weather wise). Traditionally, we have been unable to complete car park projects outside of summer

months due to weather and temperature constraints, but this new system has made it possible for us to complete car park installations all year round.

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