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David Nash Photography offers a free child and family portrait session in Surrey

Press Release: February 16, 2010

"As a parent of two young children, I have experienced first hand the effect the current economic climate is having. Disposable income is hard to come by for a lot of families and studio style portraits of the children are beyond reach in terms of affordability" David explains. "Parents love pictures of their children, especially ones that look professional. My aim is to give them an affordable service so they can get these pictures, and the bonus is they can have them taken in the comfort of their own home with absolutely no obligation to buy any prints."

The setup is quite simple, three studio lamps with a collapsible background. Easy setup in the home of the customer, it brings a studio to them. David's main reasoning behind this is "Children and even adults tend to be a lot more relaxed in the comfort of their own surroundings. Studios can be quite daunting for anyone, let alone a toddler. It works better when doing a portrait shoot in the home, as the child has all the toys and comforts they need should they get upset." Once the shoot is complete, David then sorts the pictures and uploads them to his website, www.davidnashphotography.co.uk within a few days. The customer then has a password to access their pictures and simply chooses the ones they want and pay by Paypal. Prints of all sizes are offered at prices starting from a very reasonable £8, as well as canvases and other gifts.

David hopes that this will allow some parents to get the professional pictures they want when they wouldn't normally be able to afford it. "Looking at some of the prices that local studios charge, it's unbelievable. A 7x5 print can cost anywhere up to £60, this is on top of a sitting fee. People simply can't afford that these days. I don't believe people should pay for the sitting, which is why I do them for free. If people decide not to buy any prints, I'm fine with that, they won't get the hard sell. It's completely risk free but I'm confident enough in my own work to think that this will be a success."

David also offers the same service 'on location'. "Some people prefer candid photos of their children playing down the park, or by a lake" he says. "I still offer a free shoot, if parents would prefer out in the open shots I'm happy to do it, whether it be the park or even their own back garden"

Some of this work can be seen on his website, www.davidnashphotography.co.uk.

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