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David Jack to be Arrested Over Racist Email Attack

Press Release: January 21, 2010

David Jack has shown his true colours after making outrageous racist comments to a CreditCardKiller Debt Consultant. Over the past two months he has raged a hate campaign against CreditCardKiller and Basil Rankine, claiming he was exposing the Company as a scam. Mr Jack also claimed he was working closely with the Office of Fair Trading and Trading Standards to bring down the company, he has not produced evidence to support any of his claims.

After his outburst sent by email to one of CCK's Debt Consultants he was forced to resign as prospective parliamentary candidate, Stoke North for the Liberal Democrats, and has also stepped down as local chairman when it was highlighted by the media.

Mr David Jack, has made numerous comments and posts on consumer forums such as scam.com and consumeractiongroup.co.uk, as well as on his own website, where he has been allowed to make totally unfounded and malicious comments about CreditCardKiller, its Directors and Debt Consultants. The constant abusive language and taunts went unchecked by these forums, which are often hosted abroad outside the reach of UK law.

CreditCardKiller wrote to Nick Clegg, Head of the Liberal Democrats at the end of December 2009 in an attempt to highlight Mr. Jack's behaviour. We have already announced that we are preparing legal action against David Jack and the Liberal Democrats for allowing their candidate to behave in such a manner while representing the party and are awaiting an official reply and apology.

The Company will also be making a complaint to the Police relating to other posts on these and other forums so that the authors of racial and insulting posts can be tracked down and brought to justice.

BBC Radio Stoke have been informed that David Jack's e-mail had been hacked, however anyone who has read any of his forum posts and rants over the last few months will not be surprised by his lies and denial. On many occasions he has been told by other forum members that the language used in his posts were offensive and unacceptable but the posts were allowed to be viewed by the public.

CreditCardKiller has dealt with not only David Jack's making unfounded attacks against its trading practices, but also Regulators that harbour inaccurate opinions and facts, breach Human Rights Laws with the intention of furthering a smear campaign to drive the Company out of business. They are as much to blame for David Jack's other comments as he is, as they have flooded the media and internet with accusations that they have never proven. It is time they stop misleading consumers and retracted statements before a more serious event transpires from individuals acting on statements which they believe to be true.

CreditCardKiller denies any of the allegations made against them and asks that they be proved or fully withdrawn, with an apology to avoid the already threaten legal been taken for damages.

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