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Dating App Luxy mentally empowers Single Moms that it’s okay to go dating

Press Release: May 11, 2019

All Single Moms who sign up this Mother’s Day will get a 7-days free trial of Luxy’s exclusive VIP membership Luxy BLACK
People usually talk about dating as a single mother as it’s something you can only do with huge sacrifices. So called ‘rules’ include a lot of can'ts, won'ts, and don'ts. For example, people say you can't tell someone you have kids on the first date. Or you won't find someone who actually likes your kids. And you don't have time to date, anyway. It paints a pretty bleak picture of searching for love (or even a casual hookup) as a single parent, and can easily scare someone off of dating altogether. Even books suggest as a single mom not to bring her kids around her dates, and being prepared to put the dating life on hold until the kids are out of the house.
But dating as a single mother is in fact not horrific, there are actually some advantages. For example, you would be able to see how your date actually is with parenting. This is great because you get to see if your parenting style lines up with him. Dating before you are a mother would mean ‘flying blind’ in the parenting department, because without kids around you cannot really tell if your partner would parent in the same ways as you do.
Often single mom’s get discouraged by phrases like: ‘As a newly single mother, there is no one, especially men who don’t have their own kids, who want to date a single parent.’ Single moms can get stuck on fear, whether it's the fear that no one will want to date them or the fear that they'll always be alone. But we at Luxy really encourage and empower women that they need to quiet the voice in their head that says that the people they date will run as soon as they meet the kids.
Luxy warmly welcomes all single moms – AND DADs – we really wish you leap over the ditch. This Mother’s Day on May 12, all single moms who successfully sign up get a 7-days free trial of our exclusive Luxy BLACK membership! This includes getting unlimited profile card swipes of our 2 million+ members and being able to contact anyone – even without prior matches. Contact our customer service to claim the gift!
‘Don’t forget there are people in this world who do want to love you, because you are lovable,’ says Lena Lee, women's affairs officer at Luxy. ‘If you assume that no one's going to want to meet your children, or be a father, or fall in love with you because you are a single mom, then no one will. You have to shift the expectations in your own mind and realize that people will still find you attractive.’

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